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In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at a rebrand that involves a company moving away from a $1.2 million domain name. Elsewhere, domain marketplace Alter announces its closure, and can domain investors register their domain names as trademarks? Rebrands to

In 2018, the domain name sold at NameJet for $1.2 million, which marks the largest ever sale on the domainer-centric marketplace. Since then, has been developed into a gaming platform that supports and funds developers.

However, announced recently that it is going to change its brand name and domain name from to in the near future. Domain investors are debating whether this indicates that will be sold soon. What do you think?

Topic by: @Lox

Alter Announces Closure

Popular domain name marketplace Alter announced its intentions to close down in a statement made earlier this year. Since then, Alter’s founder revealed that the company had entered into an agreement to sell Alter.

However, a recent email to customers reveals that the marketplace will now continue with its original plan of ceasing trading, with all remaining domains removed from Alter’s marketplace on September 3, 2022. Here, investors are reacting to the news.

Topic by: @Haroon Basha

What’s the One Trend You Regret Buying Into?

Trends, by their nature, come and go. In the domain name world, we see trends involving certain extensions or certain keywords or terms. Some sales make headlines as domainers gain incredible returns in a short space of time.

For every success, there are hundreds of domains that go unsold and later to be dropped. Do you buy trend domain names, and if so, have you regretted buying into one?

Topic by: @Way3

Do You Own a Trademark for Your Domain?

Filing a trademark for a domain name has become commonplace since the Supreme Court affirmed that a domain name including a generic term, in that case, it was, can function as a trademark.

We have seen dozens of domain owners file trademarks for their domain names, but those are typically end users that operate a specific service on their domains. Can domain investors trademark their domains, and if so, is there any benefit to doing so? Would it help protect your domain name in the event of a UDRP?

Topic by: @MadAboutDomains

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