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Top Topics: to be Acquired for $6 Million; Would You Accept This Offer?…

By James Iles, Jul 11, 2021
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we look at two multi-million dollar domain sales that have been discovered by domain investor George Kirikos. Elsewhere, a domainer is looking for advice after receiving an offer for a number of domain names and which books have helped you as a domain name investor? to be Acquired for $6 Million

    Domain investor George Kirikos is one of the best domain detectives, regularly uncovering previously unknown domain name sales data within SEC filings. In this case, George has found out that is to be acquired for a $6 million fee.

    According to the discussion, $3 million of that fee has already been paid, with the other $3 million to be paid by the end of 2021. The name is being acquired by, signaling its expansion into sports betting.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

    Which Books Have Helped You Become a Better Domain Investor?

    We have previously established that succeeding in the domain name industry is partly down to your ability to learn about domain names and associated data. One of the most common means of learning is to read a book, and there are likely numerous books that would benefit domain investors.

    Here, domainers are sharing books that have helped them become better investors. These aren’t necessarily domain-specific books, but could also include books on sales tactics, negotiating, and more.

    Topic by: @kartikahuja

    Should I Accept This Offer?

    Getting advice from the wider domain community can be helpful, especially when you’re having difficulty deciding the best course of action.

    Usually, we see investors asking for advice after receiving an offer for one domain, but this time it’s slightly different. Here, a domainer had received an offer for a small portfolio that they own. Should the investor accept the offer for the domains, which are mentioned in the discussion?

    Topic by: @Saka77

    Did Wise Acquire for $2 Million?

    Not content with finding a $6 million sale, George Kirikos was back later in the week, sharing information that may reveal another seven-figure sale.

    Earlier this year, TransferWise rebranded to Wise and acquired the premium domain in the process. Does this evidence suggest that was acquired for $2 million?

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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