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Top Topics: Sells for $175,000; What Percentage of Domains Do You Renew?...

By James Iles, Sep 12, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, domain investors react to the $175,000 sale of a two-word .COM domain from a leading investor. Elsewhere, a domainer finds a tweet suggesting a domain name sold for $1 million, and what percentage of domains do you renew? Sells for $175,000

    Investor Andy Booth may be focusing much of his attention on NFTs recently, but it certainly doesn’t mean he has abandoned domain names. After recently acquiring names such as and, Booth revealed a six-figure domain sale.

    The name that sold was, which attained the $175,000 “buy it now” price that Booth set. Here, investors react to the news and also the buyer’s identity is revealed.

    Topic by: @Crysis

    What Percentage of Domains Do You Renew?

    Domain portfolio management is a key skill to learn. Knowing which domains to renew and which to drop can lead to the development of a higher quality portfolio if done correctly.

    The renewal of the right domains can be something tricky to master, but do many investors tend to renew most domains? Here, domainers are asked to disclose the percentage of names they renew each year.

    Topic by: @abstractdomainer

    Did Sell for $1 Million?

    Decentralized cloud computing blockchain provider Aelf, based in Singapore, has reportedly made a sizable domain name purchase. Domainer @Crysis found a tweet from Aelf, containing a Medium post, where the company announces its $1 million purchase.

    Did Aelf pay $1 million for It might be possible in the right circumstances with a motivated buyer and a truly unmotivated seller.

    Topic by: @Crysis

    Can I See Marketplace Views?

    On some leading marketplaces, you can see how many views your domain name listing has received, which may offer an indication of how popular your domain names are.

    However, others, such as Afternic, don’t seem to offer listing view counts for their users. Is it possible to see how many people have viewed your domain listings on marketplaces such as Afternic?

    Topic by: @doofer

    RIP IowaDawg

    This week, the community is paying tribute to one of its long-standing members and contributors, known as @iowadawg, or simply Joe. He passed away in August, with his obituary referencing a battle with cancer.

    You can read the tributes in this discussion, and you may also add your own. Rest in peace, @iowadawg.

    Topic by: @RogueWriter

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  6. BradWilson

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    Thanks @James Iles for the excellent topics this week.
  7. The Durfer

    The Durfer Wesley Sweatman VIP

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    SmartWallet dawt com is an excellent domain. Congrats to the buyer and seller. Ty Mr. James.
  8. mazharul41

    mazharul41 Established Member

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    [ MrPay. co ] is also related type domain. However, congratulate to the buyer.

    N.B: searchable keyword type domains have value for all the time.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2021
  9. jhm

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  10. b2betrade

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    EarningWallet (.) com available for acquisition
    it can be -
    crypto earning wallet
    earning by stacking wallet
    or rewards wallet
  11. Silentptnr

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    So sorry to hear about Joe (iowadawg).

  12. Domo Sapiens

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