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Top Topics: Significantly Increased Auction Activity; A Six-Figure Sale from 2011 Is Revealed...

By James Iles, Feb 9, 2018
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    Back in 2011, @Ron Jackson of DNJournal announced that domain investor @Braden Pollock acquired the domain for $100,000. It was revealed that Braden immediately flipped the domain, but the price was undisclosed. This week, Braden took to NamePros to reveal that he sold the domain name for $125,000. Since this fee is now public knowledge, it could be noted in DNJournal and statistics websites such as NameBio.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Reaction to The UDRP Decision

    This week, several domaining blogs covered the news of the three-letter .com being lost in a UDRP filed by Mexican transportation company Autobuses de Oriente. This decision shocked many investors.

    In this discussion, domainers are debating the decision, with some suggesting that this was the correct outcome whilst others, including leading attorney John Berryhill (@jberryhill), described the UDRP as "nonsense".

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    I Sold a Domain To the Founder of

    Richard Swerdlow is no stranger to domain names. His Miami-based company owns the domain and he has even taken part in a Domain Sherpa interview. It was revealed this week that Richard was the buyer of a $900 .LIFE domain.

    The sale was revealed by the former owner, who described the name as being a low-quality domain that was put up for sale at a $900 "buy now" price. Richard purchased the name at $900, but did the investor potentially leave money on the table? Despite this, it turned out to be an excellent return on investment.

    Topic by: @New.Life

    Significantly Increased Auction Activity

    For many investors, auctions provide excellent opportunities to find new names for their portfolios. The most popular auctions receive plenty of attention whilst others receive relatively little. However, one domainer has spotted an increased level of activity recently.

    The investor has described domains that typically sell for $12-17 now hitting $100 or more. Does this mean a larger amount of competition for domains in general? Will this eventually mean an increase in wholesale prices across the board?

    Topic by:

    Rick Schwartz's Latest Registrations, Part Two

    Recently, a discussion of @Rick Schwartz's latest domain registrations proved to be popular. As an investor very much in the public eye, Rick's sales and acquisitions are scrutinized more than most.

    Rick has continued to register new names, with a strong bias towards political names. Here, domainers are analyzing Rick's most recent acquisitions.

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

    Stocks Down, Crypto Down. Domains as Long Term Investments?

    It has been a rough week for stocks and cryptocurrencies with the Dow Jones dropping over one thousand points and Bitcoin temporarily dropping to around $6,000. With that in mind, a debate arose about the long-term future of domain names as investments.

    With the crypto market as volatile as it is, some investors may be looking to place more funds in premium domains. According to an earlier discussion in Top Topics, there is an increase in auction activity amongst domains. Will this mean that domain names can be considered as safe long-term investments?

    Topic by: @Silentptnr

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    Awesome discussions! Thanks for the highlights!
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    If I'm super super busy - this is the one spot I make sure to swing by for news...

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    How long Do you think we all can beat that horse "bitcoin" coming up with all kinds of domain names before its no more?
  9. Mr. Deleted

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    The lower bitcoin price means I get more from my domain. May not be as much in dollars, but my referral earnings are over 0.6 already, so I am happy with the 1000 dollar investment.
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