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Top Topics: Showcase Your .APP Names; How Would You Spend $10,000 on Domains?...

By James Iles, May 11, 2018
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    In this week's edition of Top Topics, we start off with an unusual situation involving an offer from a YouTube star with eight million subscribers. We also discuss how you would spend $10,000 on domain names and investors are showcasing their .APP names. Elsewhere, a .APP UDRP is debated and domainers show off their sales from domains acquired via the NamePros marketplace.

    Help Me With This Sale

    No matter how long you've been a domain investor, there are certain things that still interest and surprise you every week. This is a situation that likely has never been seen before. An investor received a $4,000 offer for a domain name from a YouTuber with over eight million subscribers.

    Yet, after accepting the offer, the investor noticed the YouTuber had posted a poll to his 138,000 Twitter followers to choose between two domains: the domainer's name and another. Follow this discussion to see how the story ends.

    Topic by: @Haris


    How Would You Spend $10,000?

    If you had $10,000 available to spend on an investment, would you spend it on domain names? If you would, what type of domains would you acquire and where would you look? These are the questions being asked in this discussion.

    As you might expect, the answers are varied and different investors are advocating acquiring different types of names to see the best return on investment. What would you buy?

    Topic by: @LiamShiff

    Showcase Your .APP Domains

    This week, Google released the .APP domain extension and for once, a new gTLD was received warmly by many investors. According to recent statistics, the extension has amassed over 170,000 registrations just days after its general release.

    Naturally, domain investors have been registering .APP domains. In this discussion, domainers are sharing their .APP purchases. Did you buy any?

    Topic by: @MadAboutDomains

    First UDRP Against a .APP Domain

    Whilst many domainers have been busy registering .APP domains, some companies have been monitoring those registrations. Delivery company Deliveroo became the first company to file a UDRP against a .APP domain this week.

    Investors have been debating this case, warning others against registering trademarked terms.

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    What Are Your NamePros Acquisitions and Sales?

    NamePros has a very active marketplace with plenty of domain names available to acquire from other investors, usually at low or wholesale prices.

    Here, domainers are sharing their acquisitions from NamePros that have been successfully resold at a profit. A really interesting read, and possibly great inspiration for your next purchase.

    Topic by: @rohitgoyal

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    Thanks for sharing as usual.
    But what were the company looking for not taking their domain especially when it was in land rush.

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