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Top Topics: Should You Factor in Inflation?; Do You Have a BIN on More Than 1 Marketplace?...

By James Iles, Jul 18, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we look at inflation and whether that should have an influence on the valuation of your own domain names. Elsewhere, a domainer asks for opinions on whether having a BIN (buy it now) price at numerous marketplaces is a good idea, and how would you allocate your domaining time if you only had an hour per day?

    Should You Factor in Inflation When Pricing Domains?

    Investopedia defines inflation as “the decline of purchasing power of a currency over time.” In the wider world, inflation can affect almost everything. How about in the domain world?

    Domain investors are fortunate to have resources such as NameBio and DNJournal to make historical pricing comparisons, but should you factor in inflation when considering those comparisons? For example, if the closest comparable sale to your domain happened in 2010, should you factor inflation into your valuation?

    Topic by:

    Do You Have a BIN on More Than 1 Marketplace?

    Adding a BIN (buy it now) price to a marketplace listing allows you to sell your domain passively and can also help you capitalize on impulse buyers at certain price points.

    The traditional thinking is that you should only post a BIN price at one marketplace with a “make offer” setting applied at other marketplaces. Does that rule still apply? Do you have a BIN price listed on more than one marketplace?

    Topic by: @gericsb

    You Have 1 Hour Per Day for Domaining. What Do You Do?

    For many, domain name investing is either a hobby or a side hustle, meaning that dedicating much time to this venture can be difficult. Some, such as this investor, can only dedicate around one hour every day.

    With that in mind, if you have one hour per day for domaining, what would you do? Is it possible to manage a portfolio, find new acquisitions, and deal with inquiries in that time?

    Topic by: @Futurewizard

    .NET Has Been Underperforming for Me. Here’s Why

    First introduced in 1985, .NET has been long considered a strong alternative to .COM. While .CO and .IO have also entered the scene as popular alternative extensions, .NET still has its place, with names such as and selling for six-figure this year.

    Here, a domain investor has written an analysis of why the .NET extension has been underperforming for them, and what they're going to do in the future.

    Topic by: @twiki

    I Received an Outbound Email in My Day Job

    Many domain name investors send outbound emails to try to proactively sell their domain names to targeted end-users to generate some cash flow. However, how are these emails received? What do end-users think when they receive an email pitching a domain for sale?

    In this discussion, a new domain investor received an outbound email in their professional capacity and shared their thoughts on the email.

    Topic by: @novadan5

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