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In case you missed it, we published a list of ten domain names that Mark Cuban owns this week. The article received a lot of positive attention, thanks in no small part to a retweet that Mark sent out to his six million Twitter followers. Thanks, Mark!

Here's this week's Top Topics.

How Big Is Your Portfolio?

How big is your domain portfolio? This discussion and poll aims to get an idea of the average size of an investor’s portfolio. So, how big is yours? Over one hundred votes have been cast in this poll so far and the poll results range from less than ten domains to well over one thousand.

Of course, the size of your portfolio isn’t necessarily an indication of having a high quality portfolio.

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An End User Wants Me to Call Them

Many domain investors shy away from making or receiving phone calls regarding their domain names. This could be for a number of reasons including low confidence or lack of experience in closing sales over the phone. This week, a domainer has told the community that an end user wants to schedule a call with them. This is a problem since the investor is from a different country and isn’t confident when speaking on the phone.

If the only way to close a deal was to call an end user, would you do it? Are there alternatives to help in this situation, such as hiring the services of a domain name broker?

Topic by: @namefork

Eric Lyon's Personal Appraisal Strategy

Eric Lyon has published an interesting article outlining his personal domain appraisal strategy. Determining the value of a domain name can be a difficult process, especially if you have little experience within the domain industry. There are many variables that can affect the value of a domain name including its age, the name’s extension and its length.

Here, Eric does an excellent job of explaining his personal methods for appraising domain names. If you are a new investor, or you’re struggling to evaluate your portfolio or potential purchases, this will be worth reading and bookmarking.

Topic by: @Eric Lyon

Would You Rent Out Your Domains for the Short Term?

A new startup called DomaHub has come up with an interesting idea to allow domain investors to rent their domain names on a daily or weekly basis. The example given would be to allow a domain such as to be leased for a day to enable someone to utilize the domain name for twenty-four hours.

Would this work? The initial concern would be the potential damage that could be done by unscrupulous users to a previously clean domain name. Do you think there is a desire for this type of product? Have your say in the discussion.

Topic by: @DomaHub

How Do You Check The Availability of Domains In Bulk?

If you create a list of several hundred potential domain names to register, how do you check whether they are available? This is the question being asked in this discussion. Investor @ngenme has told the community that they have a list of 1,300 domain names to check, but very few options as to how to perform the process in bulk.

The community has suggested several options including NameBright’s bulk search, GoDaddy’s bulk domain search and Dynadot tool. How do you check domain names in bulk?

Topic by: @ngenme

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