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James Iles

Top Topics: Should I Accept This Offer?; A Russian Broker Contacted Me...

By James Iles, Feb 10, 2019
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    One of the largest sales of the recent NamesCon 2019 auction was that of for $370,000. The name was purchased by @Frank.Schilling's Uniregistry, which left a lot of investors speculating on what Frank might do with the domain. According to WHOIS, has now transferred to Uniregistry and it is currently redirecting to Uniregistry's homepage. Will it remain as a redirect, or does Frank have a specific use in mind?

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Who Should I Contact?

    Outbound marketing for domain names is a popular way of generating income from your portfolio without having to wait for inbound sales leads. The practice involves carefully selecting potential users for a specific domain name and reaching out to them.

    Depending on the size of the company, however, it's often difficult to know who to contact. Should you always email the CEO first, or should you be messaging someone lower down in the company? In this discussion, an investor is asking for advice on finding the right person to contact.

    Topic by: @RockBros

    Should I Accept $1,250?

    A domainer has shared their latest inbound offer, asking the community for advice on what to do next. After rejecting a small initial offer of just $250 for an alphanumeric domain, the potential buyer submitted a new offer of $1,250.

    The question is, should the domainer accept this $1,250 offer, or reject it in the hope of a higher amount? The majority of the community seem to think that accepting this offer is the best move, but what would you do?

    Topic by: @Haris


    A Russian Broker Wants to Make a Sale

    Domaining is a global industry, which naturally means that some domain names may receive offers from numerous countries from around the globe. In this case, an investor has received an offer from a Russian broker on behalf of a Russian buyer.

    The offer seems to be of an acceptable level, but the Russian client has requested that the domain sale takes place via a Russian registrar. Other investors have raised concerns about how the investor will be paid for the sale. Do you have any experience selling to Russian end users?

    Topic by: @alcy

    How Do You Define a Domain's Value?

    The issue of domain name value has been contentious for as long as domain names have been bought and sold. To date, there has been no system that has been able to accurately define a specific domain name's value. So, how do you define a domain's value in 2019?

    This question is particularly relevant to new domain investors, who may not be aware of resources such as DNJournal, NameBio or Here, investors discuss the current forms of ascertaining a domain's value.

    Topic by: @Njtnelav

    My NamesCon 2019 Recap

    One of the people I met at NamesCon 2019 was writer and domainer @Bob Hawkes, who publishes consistent and insightful commentary on the domain industry. In this discussion, Bob notes nine of his major takeaways from this year's NamesCon Global event in Las Vegas.

    These nine points are thought-provoking will perhaps give inspiration for your own domain strategy going forward. For NamesCon attendees, Bob invites you to share your own thoughts in this discussion.

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

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    ty good read.
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