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Top Topics: Share Your Parking Data; The Best Platform to Monetize Chinese Traffic?...

By James Iles, Jul 1, 2018
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    In this week's edition of Top Topics, we showcase a poll gauging the community's opinion of hand registering domains. Elsewhere, we take a look at some parking data that has been shared publicly by several domain investors. Speaking of parking, we also discuss the prospect of parking services catering for Chinese traffic and an investor is given valuable advice about outbound domain sales.

    Poll: How Many Domains Do You Register Per Month?

    The cheapest method of acquiring domain names is to hand register them yourself, giving you the lowest entry point into domain name investing. A select number of investors have even turned the process of hand registering and promptly selling names into something of an art form.

    In this discussion with an attached poll, we discover how many domains, if any, an investor registers per month. Do you hand register domain names?

    Topic by: @infosec3

    Share Your Parking Data

    Several years ago, revenue from domain parking was a popular and lucrative form of passive income from domain names with investors such as @Rick Schwartz made eight figure fees from some of their top domains. Revenue from parked domains has dropped dramatically in recent years but some income is still possible.

    Investors in this discussion have been prompted to share their own parking data, which makes for interesting reading.

    Topic by: @alcy

    Does Anyone Have Success With Outbound Marketing?

    Outbound marketing for domain names is a practice that is regularly done by many investors. It's something that can create cashflow rather than waiting for end users to come forward. However, do most domainers experience success with it?

    Here, an investor is looking for advice on how to sell a domain via outbound marketing after receiving zero interest so far.

    Topic by: @doofer

    The Logic Behind These Domain Sales

    Do you ever read the DNJournal or NameBio charts and wonder why a certain name sold for such a high figure? Recently there have been several examples of five-figure sales that may leave you scratching your head.

    An investor has asked the community to explain the logic behind some of these sales. Naturally, domainers have given their own opinions on the sales.

    Topic by: @topdom

    What Is The Best Parking Platform for Chinese Traffic?

    As we touched on earlier, domain parking can still bring in some revenue. In one of the most popular discussions of the week, an investor has asked for suggestions for the best parking service that caters to Chinese traffic.

    According to the discussion, some ad providers cannot be accessed by Chinese visitors due to China's strict national firewall. Do any parking services get through the firewall?

    Topic by: @slader23

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