information Top Topics: Restrict domaining to the 50+ crowd? Sedo's new look; Registrar auctions domain "early"; Uni account access lost; Repricing sold domains

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Should domain name investing be restricted to mature people aged 50 and up? Sedo refreshed the look of its web site; Did this registrar send an expired domain to auction "early?" Former Uniregistry customer locked out of their transitioned GoDaddy account; Strategy of repricing domains that were sold in the past.

Domaining should be restricted to the over 50's
Are mature men and women over 50 the only quintessential driving force in domain investing? A tongue-in-cheek thread examines the possibilities of permitting only those 50 years old and up to engage in domain investing. Join in and rage, rage against the dying of the light!

Topic by @BaileyUK

Sedo had refreshed its outer website look
It appears that Sedo has rolled out a series of improvements to its domain name marketplace, quietly introducing a cleaned interface and user experience. Some people like it, some are skeptical about it. Share your thoughts.

Topic by @Igor Mironyuk

My registrar has sent my domain to auction so early
A domain investor's expired domain has ended up in the auction block "just" 45 days after expiry. He seems to believe that's too early, but others disagree. Who's right? Find out!

Topic by @OceanKing

Locked out of GoDaddy account after Uniregistry Buy Out
When GoDaddy acquired Uniregistry a transition of domain accounts took place and users were notified and instructed about the process. It appears that not everyone received that "memo" and there are some frustrating issues with managing their domain names.

Topic by @Ali

Strategy for Pricing Domain that Previously sold at a Certain Level
What happens to a domain's value once it's sold at a certain price point? Does the intrinsic value become irrelevant as the domain now has a track sales record? Find out about people's strategic pricing for domains that were sold in the past.

Topic by @redgoblin

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Strategy re previous pricing interesting topic started by @redgoblin – hopefully by featuring it here there will be additional views expressed. Thanks again for a great summary, @Acroplex.
-Bob (50+ :ROFL: )