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In this week's Top Topics, we look at two six-figure domain sales, one of which sold at DropCatch after former owner Accenture let the domain expire. Elsewhere, we ask which companies you trust in the domain industry.

Reactive.com Sells for $168,450 at DropCatch

This week, one of the larger sales at DropCatch closed in the form of Reactive.com, a domain that was owned by professional services company Accenture until it expired recently.

Accenture’s loss was DropCatch’s gain, as the interest in the domain meant that bidding was extended for five hours. There has been some reaction to the bidding process, which allowed $50 increments even into the six-figure range.

Topic by: @silentg

RCB.com Sells for $130,000

Malaysian company Racing Boy completed a six-figure domain name upgrade this week after securing RCB.com. The company, which manufactures motorcycle parts and accessories, currently operates on RacingBoy.com.my, but uses RCB in its brand and logo.

The sale of RCB.com was announced on Twitter by investor and broker James Booth. Whois history suggests that Booth has owned the domain since 2020.

Topic by: @silentg

Which Companies Do You Trust in Domaining?

For domain investors, trust is vital in relationships with companies. You have to trust the company that your domains are registered with, you have to trust the escrow company that manages your domain sale, and you have to trust the marketplaces that offer your domains for sale.

With that in mind, it’s interesting to know which companies domain investors do trust. This discussion asks domainers to share the domaining brands that they trust.

Topic by: @equity78

The Previous Owner Wants Their Domain Back. What’s the Standard Practice?

While some people intentionally leave domain names to expire, other registrants are either unaware that their domain name has expired or that a mistake has led to its deletion. In some instances, when this happens, the previous owner might make an attempt to get their domain name back.

Here, a domain investor who recently won a domain at auction receives a message from someone purporting to be the former owner of the domain name asking about retrieving the name. What would you do in this situation?

Topic by: @Darkniight

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