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In this week's Top Topics, we have another six-figure .XYZ domain sale to profile, and we discuss a recent company rebrand to a one-word .COM. Elsewhere, there has been some development in the Eth.link domain name saga.

Pen.xyz Sold for 6 Figures

So far this year, NameBio has listed four .XYZ sales in the six-figure range, with Wrap.xyz leading the way at $110,000. At just $112 shy of this figure is the latest .XYZ domain sale to be revealed.

According to details in this discussion, a domain investor has sold the Pen.xyz domain name in a deal closed at GoDaddy’s marketplace, Afternic. The domain has recently transferred to a privacy-protected NameCheap account.

Topic by: @silentg

Can You Park a Domain and Have Email?

Domain name parking, the practice of hosting ads on a domain name in order to generate revenue, is still a popular source of income for some domain investors, but it can potentially limit what else you can do with your domain name.

In this discussion, there is a question for the technically-minded investors out there. Can you park a domain name and use the same domain for emails?

Topic by: @anunt

Apollo Brokers Rebrands to Limit.com

Insurtech company Apollo Brokers has rebranded just two years after launching. The company, based in San Francisco, announced $14.3 million in funding recently. It decided to use some of those funds to change its name and domain name.

Apollo Brokers has become Limit, securing the Limit.com domain name from investor Brent Oxley. Here, investors are discussing the rebrand. What do you think of the brand name “Limit?” Do you think that the term is too negative to be a brand name, as some domainers think?

Topic by: @NickB

Eth.link to be Transferred Back to True Names

One of the biggest stories of the last couple of weeks has been the saga of Eth.link. This domain name, which is vital to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), expired while the registrant was serving a prison sentence. It was subsequently sold at a Dynadot auction for $851,919.30.

Over the weekend, George Kirikos noted a Hacker News report that an Arizona court has ordered the Eth.link domain name to be transferred back to True Names, the Singaporean non-profit that operates the ENS.

Topic by: @GeorgeK

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