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Top Topics: Outbound Marketing Via Snail Mail; NamesCon Live Auction Discussion...

By James Iles, Feb 2, 2020
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we feature four discussions from the world of domaining. Firstly, an investor asks for advice and feedback regarding their direct mailing outbound sales strategy, and we look at the results of the NamesCon live auction, with investors giving their thoughts on the sales.

    Feedback on My Direct Mailing Outbound

    A popular means of creating liquidity with domain names is to perform outbound sales - selling your domain names to end users by proactively offering them to them.

    This is usually done via email, but this investor is looking to use the old fashioned means of contacting end users, and that’s via direct snail mail. Since this is seemingly quite a rare thing to do, the investor is asking for feedback on their strategy.

    Topic by: @BigElliot650

    NamesCon 2020 Live Auction

    This week is the NamesCon 2020 domain name conference, where investors from all over the world come to network and generally chat domain names.

    A couple of days ago was the NamesCon Live Auction, a collaboration between GoDaddy and Right of the Dot. In this discussion, investors were initially talking about the live stream, but then the conversation moved round to the individual lots and investor reactions to those sales prices.

    Topic by: @BrandsOpen

    Domainers - What’s Your Backup Plan?

    There is a percentage of domain name investors who have managed to turn their ventures into full time occupations. Whether that’s largely income from developing, brokering or just selling their own domain names, there are countless examples of successful full time domainers.

    But do they have a back up plan? If you are a full time domainer, do you have a contingency plan in place in case you suddenly sustain heavy losses, or circumstances change?

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    Recovering Costs from Expiring Domains

    Sometimes, letting your domain names expire can help you to consolidate costs, which allows you to then reinvest those funds into other names.

    Recovering costs from expiring domain names is something that should be considered, however, and this discussion encompasses the strategies involved in procuring liquidity from expiring domain names.

    Topic by: @alcy

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