Top Topics of the Week: What to do next, domaining as a full-time career, .io domains, and more!

By N-A, Mar 6, 2015
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    What should I do next?
    @ambitnfun received a $2,500 offer on Sedo and asked whether he should sell it at $5,000 with a counter-offer or push it to auction. He’s stated that he had a few potential buyers but is on the fence as to what actions to take. Some have chimed in that he should negotiate, while others suggest he take the money and run. At this time, the majority (more than 60%) believe he should sell it for the aforementioned $5,000.

    .io is hot! For now...
    While it’s widely known that .com is king, .io, the ccTLD of British Indian Ocean Territory, is gaining traction among tech startups. Many .io names are taken, and in this showcase thread, many people are wondering if there have been any recent sales. Nearly 350 replies have been made, discussing everything from specific domain name sales to advice on .io investments. Over 7,500 individuals have read the thread with contributions from a staggering number of members.

    Last week, NamePros conducted a quick and easy 10-minute survey and awarded all eligible participants a $35 Amazon gift card. This week, NamePros is offering an exclusive promotion for those who choose to use on their next escrow transaction. It pays to be a NamePros member!

    Can selling domains be a career?
    According to this running poll with over 200 votes already cast, it seems that some are at a crossroads. For many, selling domains indeed is a career, shown by 51 votes. While it seems almost as many have no interest. The rest were split between those who have yet to commit entirely, with 39.4% of the vote, and those who are still unsure of its profitability. For those on the fence (29 votes), keep in mind that if @Eric_Lyon can sell a domain in Denny’s without even trying, imagine what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

    Would you purchase your surname?
    If you found your for under $1,500 USD, would you buy it? This week’s poll weighs in on that idea with the majority emphatically saying yes. With certain surnames being more common, guaranteeing higher traffic, the valuation is too steep for most. While lesser used names are far more affordable, they have less monetary worth. However, they still seem to have a value to those who carry that surname. For example, our valued member @stub has a surname with an Estibot appraisal of $28,000 yet still managed to collect variations of his first and last name over the past decade. It’s for these reasons that it has been suggested that you register your name, because if you can, it’s worth it.

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