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Top Topics: My Latest Ultra-Premium Acquisitions; More Advice for New Domain Investors...

By James Iles, Jan 10, 2021
  1. In this week's Top Topics, AbdulBasit Makrani shares a list of valuable, ultra-premium domain names that he has acquired recently. Elsewhere, investors are prompted to showcase their delivery domain names, and the power of color is discussed.

    Also, an experienced domainer is back with more advice for new investors, and is it ever ok to call a domain owner when attempting to acquire a domain name?

    My Latest Ultra-Premium Acquisitions

    Domain investor and consultant AbdulBasit Makrani is most well known for his 2020 series in which he shared results of his Afternic experiment, revealing tens of sales over the course of several months. Now, however, AbdulBasit is disclosing a swathe of new, ultra-premium domain purchases.

    These new purchases, mostly acquired privately, were showcased by AbdulBasit this week. The domains include a number of the best .CO names available, some of which have previously been sold for five-figure fees. All of AbdulBasit's purchases are revealed in this discussion.

    Topic by: @AbdulBasit.com

    Showcase Your Delivery Domains

    In the last year, the world has seen a substantial shift in how we do many things, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fortunes of many delivery services, from food delivery to couriers, have increased during COVID times, with many companies introducing delivery options for the first time.

    In this discussion, domain investors are prompted to share their best delivery domain names. As you might expect, the opportunity to showcase names has turned this into one of the most popular discussions of the week. Interestingly, Delivery.com is already developed.

    Topic by: @HotKey

    The Power of Color

    Colors are emotive and can have significance in different cultures. Colors can also be transformed into popular brand names, which makes the equivalent .COM domains extremely valuable. Purple, for example, is a successful mattress brand that acquired Purple.com for $900,000 in 2017.

    Here, an investor has shared the ownership details of some of the best generic color .COM domains in existence, as listed by DND.com. Other domainers have shared their own favorite color .COM domains. Which is your favorite?

    Topic by: @du6262

    For New Investors Only - Part 3

    Experienced domain investor @johnn has previously published two discussions that list a combined total of twenty pieces of advice for new domain investors to take note of. In this, his third installment, @johnn shares ten more quick-fire tips for new domainers to consider.

    Navigating the world of domain names as investments can be exceedingly tricky for anyone new to the industry, so tips and tricks readily offered by experienced domainers should, in some way, help. Here, the advice ranges from acquisitions based on appraisals to how to use your time most effectively.

    Topic by: @johnn

    Is Calling a Domain Owner Acceptable?

    Here's the scenario. The discussion creator is attempting to buy a domain name for their business but has received no response from the two emails they have sent to the domain name owner so far. Since the domain's WHOIS data is public, should this person now try to call the owner to attempt to buy the domain?

    So far, the advice offered by the community seems to be against calling the domain owner. Have you ever had success with buying a domain name by calling the owner directly?

    Topic by: @pathfinderbeacon

    Top Topics of the Week is a blog series featuring the most popular discussions and content within the domain community. Tune in weekly to see what’s trending
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    Thanks James. Delivery.com- now how has that locomotive not been touched on yet.
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    Thanks for the shout-out once again @James Iles :joyful:(y)
    I'm very happy with those acquisitions and I'll make sure to share it when I'll be able to sell any of them in the future.
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