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In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor offers a candid insight into their first ear back in the domain industry. Elsewhere, we're invited to share our domaining targets for 2022, and how did 2021 compare with 2020 in terms of domain name sales?

My First Year Back in Domaining

After a decade away from the industry, this investor returned to domain trading in 2021. They recently marked their one-year anniversary as a returning investor and this discussion offers a candid insight into the life of a new domainer.

With a goal of generating enough revenue to cover all annual renewal fees, this investor shares the good, the bad, and the ugly from their first year back. In general, the investor found year one to be tough.

Topic by: @gericsb

Your Domaining Targets for 2022

Many of you may have already thought about strategies and goals for your domaining activities in 2022. These targets can help to offer motivation and can ultimately lead to greater success. According to Forbes, a Harvard Business Study found that 3% of graduates from their MBA who wrote down their goals, ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97% put together.

Writing and sharing your goals, then, can be beneficial. Here, you're invited to publish your own domain name investment targets for 2022.

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

How Do I Bulk Check Domain Expirations?

For many domain name investors, the number one source of new inventory is expired domain names. Services such as are widely used by domainers to help to find golden opportunities for acquiring expiring domains. But what if you want to privately monitor a list of thousands of domains in anticipation of them expiring?

Here, an investor is looking to monitor a list of thousands of domain names to see if and when any of those names expire. Is there a piece of software that will allow the domainer to achieve this?

Topic by: @OhYeah

How Did 2021 Compare to 2020?

2021 will go down as one of the most notable years in the domain name industry, with many domain investors, brokers, and related companies having exceptionally good years. Publicly-disclosed domain sales data is usually a good indicator of the state of the industry, so how did the industry fare in 2021 and how did that compare with 2020?

Raymond Hackney has produced a chart with the help of NameBio to compare 2021 with 2020. According to the chart, NameBio recorded over 128,000 .com domain sales in 2021, while there were also breakout years for .IO and .XYZ. Bob Hawkes also produced an analysis of 2021 domain name sales on the NamePros Blog.

Topic by: @equity78

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