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Top Topics: My $99,028 Afternic Results for September; I Sold a Crypto .ORG Name for $3,000...

By James Iles, Oct 4, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at the final installment of AbdulBasit Makrani's Afternic experiment results. Elsewhere, an investor discloses a $3,000 sale of a cryptocurrency .ORG domain name and a domainer asks for stories about overpaying at auction. Also, have you watched Andrew Rosener's interview with MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor yet?

    I Sold a Crypto .ORG Hand-reg for $3,000

    Crypto domains are still desirable. According to NameBio, there have been over one thousand crypto-related domain sales in 2020 with the largest being for $65,000.

    Sales of .ORG names are relatively rare, with .ORG accounting for just thirty of those one thousand plus sales this year. However, one investor has managed to sell a crypto .ORG name for $3,000 after negotiating their way up from an initial $100 offer. The name was hand-registered by the investor during a buying spree in the cryptocurrency boom.

    Topic by: @Duncan Burgess

    My Afternic Experiment Results for September

    Every month this year, we have featured AbdulBasit Makrani's in-depth reports of his Afternic experiment which saw the seasoned investor change landing page providers for thousands of his domain names. In his last installment in this series, AbdulBasit shares his September Afternic results.

    The bottom line is that during September, AbdulBasit achieved almost $100,000 in domain sales with a total acquisition cost for those sold names amounting to just $6,000. Read this for an in-depth look at the names that AbdulBasit sold in September via Afternic.

    Topic by:

    Have You Ever Impulsively Overpaid at Auction?

    Domain auctions can be stressful, exhilarating, and frustrating at the same time. Despite likely setting a specific budget, we all tend to go above our limits to acquire the name we want. Do you have a story to share about overspending impulsively at an auction?

    This investor wants to know. Here, you can share your story about going above and beyond your budget. Tell us what happened, and how it turned out. Did you end up selling the name for a profit or have you forever regretted the buy?

    Topic by: @Save Breach

    Watch: DomainSherpa's Interview With Michael Saylor, Seller of for $30 Million

    In 2019, MicroStrategy made history by announcing that they sold the domain for a record-setting $30 million. Despite selling, the company, lead by Michael Saylor, still owns valuable domains such as,, and

    This week, MediaOptions' CEO Andrew Rosener interviewed Michael Saylor in a wide-ranging, must-watch interview for anyone associated with the domain industry. At almost two hours, you'll need to clear your diary, but it's certainly worth a watch.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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    This is a great group of Top Topics and the AbdulBasit " Afternic Experiment " is always a " must read ".

    Have enjoyed his insightful series throughout this year and no doubt his terrific series came to many reader's attention here in your Blog.

    Thanks James for the great group of this week's Top Topics.
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    Thank you so much @James Iles for sharing my Afternic experiment series right from January until now and I very much appreciate that. You gave a lot more exposure and I believe many people liked it. And I really enjoyed sharing it :joyful:
  8. Save Breach

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    Thanks again @James Iles for that wonderful compilation and insights. And thanks a ton for sharing my thread.

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