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In this week's Top Topics, we take a look at one prominent domain investor's 2022 acquisitions to date. Elsewhere, a mining company buys a one-word .COM, and a domainer has some specific advice for new investors.

My 2022 Acquisitions

Domain investor AbdulBasit Makrani is notable for candidly sharing his sales data and platform experiences. While Makrani typically shares his domain sales data, this time, he has disclosed a number of his domain acquisitions from 2022 so far.

According to the discussion, the purchases include several four-letter .COM domains, picked up following Makrani's sale of for $75,000 in late 2021. The list also includes many brandable domains and some memorable two-word .COM's.

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Flying Nickel Bought

Several years ago, a mining company acquired for $1.25 million in a logical but surprising sale, with few traditional mining companies paying top dollar for digital assets. Now, though, another mining company has followed suit.

Flying Nickel, a nickel mining company, has acquired for a reported CAD$313,977. The domain name redirects to, the company's corporate homepage. Did the company get a good deal for this domain?

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Don't Buy 3 Word .COM's

A domain investor is exploring newer domainers not to acquire three-word .COM's. Why? According to the discussion, many new investors are either registering or acquiring these lengthy domains from the aftermarket despite a low probability of selling the domains for a profit.

The investor suggests that new domainers focus on two-word .COM domains instead. Do you agree with this?

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Private vs Public Registration Spam Rates

Spam has been an unavoidable aspect of the Internet for its entire history. According to Wikipedia, the first spam email was sent in 1978. That figure has naturally risen, with billions of spam emails sent daily in 2022. For domain investors, receiving spam is unavoidable and often linked with the acquisition of new domains.

Here, one domain investor has done a test after acquiring two domain names in the aftermarket on the same day. According to the discussion, one domain had privacy protection enabled while the other maintained a public Whois profile. Can you guess which received the higher rate of spam?

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