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Top Topics: My 2020 Acquisitions; What Do I Do After This Initial Offer?...

By James Iles, Oct 11, 2020
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, an investor is wondering what to do after receiving a healthy initial offer on a domain, and AbdulBasit Makrani shares some of his 2020 acquisitions. Elsewhere, a seasoned investor shares some advice for new domainers based on the investor’s own experience.

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    British company Proactis acquired a US commerce company called Perfect in 2017. Along with the company acquisition came the domain which has immense value on its own.

    An investor recently spotted that the domain is redirecting to, and wondered whether there could be an opportunity for rebranding. Would you recommend Proactis rebrands to “Perfect” just to better utilize the domain?

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    What To Do After an Initial Offer

    The age-old mantra dictates that you should always reject the first offer. But what if that offer meets or surpasses your expectations? This week, a domain investor received an acceptable offer for one of their domain names via a reputable domain broker, on behalf of a client.

    The broker indicated that the client would be open to negotiating, but is this a scenario where it’s simply better to accept that first offer? Do you always reject the first offer that you receive?

    Topic by: @saucey

    Some of My 2020 Acquisitions

    Investor AbdulBasit Makrani shares a vast amount of data. Up until recently, he published domain sales data which showed a healthy monthly profit well into the five-figures.

    With such a healthy monthly profit recently, AbdulBasit has been busy acquiring domains. Here, he shares numerous recent purchases including a three-letter .COM, and plenty of two-word .COM’s.

    Topic by:

    Advice For New Investors - Part 2

    Last month, we shared a list of ten quick pieces of advice for new investors, as compiled by an experienced domainer. It was a popular discussion, so the investor is back with another list of ten more pieces of advice based on their own experience as a domainer.

    The advice includes disregarding domain appraisals, picking the right registrar, and making sure your WHOIS information is always correct.

    Topic by: @johnn

    The Domain Social - Video Archive

    In March 2020, @Michael Cyger started The Domain Social as a weekly opportunity for investors to virtually meet up and discuss domain names. This gave some much needed social interaction to plenty of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since July, The Domain Social has been run by @Ategy.

    Here, you will find a video archive of some of the past Domain Social events including a session featuring domain attorney Zak Muscovitch.

    Topic by: @Ategy

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    Thanks again for your Weekly Top Topics.

    I find it a great way to check if I've missed anything good and to keep current.
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    Thanks for sharing James once again. Much appreciated
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    Top Topics is always a great summary of the prior week's leading threads and posts.

    Thanks James for once again putting the Top Topics together!
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    And I have to say thanks to you, because without checking your NP path I would likely discovered James' smart (and brief) DN digests much later. Cheers!
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