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Merry Christmas! Get ready for this week's Top Topics column here at NamePros:, a domain sold by Mike Mann, raised $47.5 million dollars as a start-up; Should you keep investing in crypto domains in 2023? What's the value of domains that dropped several times but have search volume? After half a year as a domain investor this NamePros member complains of zero sales; Victims of Epik's withholding of Masterbucks team up warning others.

Mike Mann sold for $60K in June the company just raised $47.5M
Domain investor Mike Mann sold the domain name last June for the sum of $60,000 dollars. Now, the company that acquired the domain reportedly raised a whopping $47.5 million dollars; the start-up provides data analytics in the cloud. It's amazing what a domain name can do for one's brand.

Topic by @equity78

Should you keep crypto domains in your portfolio for next year 2023?
Crypto values have witnessed a dramatic decline in 2022, after hitting an all-time high in 2021. Many domain investors registered or acquired domains related to the cryptocurrency market, hoping to sell them to start-ups. Perhaps it's time to drop these assets but some might want to hold off a bit more. Join the discussion and share your views.

Topic by @NameInbox

Should I buy multi times dropped domains but still having search demand?
A lot of domains that drop get picked up by the next investor in line, with high hopes of revenue or a potential sale. When a domain drops multiple times, is it still an asset worthy to pick up, or should it be avoided? The discussion reveals investors' strategies on the subject, and it's an opportunity to learn from their feedback.

Topic by @yMASTER

Need your advice!
A domain investor new to the "game" began his journey six months ago, with great hopes and expectations about succeeding. Several hundred domains later he has yet to sell a single domain name. The domainer is seeking advice on the use of aftermarket platforms, such as Dan and Afternic, versus GoDaddy auctions or fixed price selling on NamePros.

Topic by @Domaineri - Let's do the point (An advice to all victims)
A victim of Epik's lack of payouts for Masterbucks balances is teaming up with other victims, to warn other domainers about the pitfalls of using that service.

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Thanks for the great summary, @Acroplex.

MotherDuck is an interesting name for a data analytics firm. At first glance, I thought a mismatch, but upon reflection it is a catchy and appropriate name. The success in raising funds indicates that investors think so too.

Best wishes for the holiday season.

Thanks Bob! What walks and quacks like a duck is most likely ...a goose. Happy Holidays!


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Thanks @Acroplex
even one of my topic here =)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year2023

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