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In this week's Top Topics, we look at a company's rebrand from Monthly to, and we learn of DC Comics' acquisition of the domain name. Elsewhere, our featured poll asks how frequently you sell domains, and does anyone close domain deals via PayPal?

Monthly Rebrands to

Online education platforms have become prominent in recent years, thanks partly to an influx of funding and key partnerships with famous faces to teach courses. MasterClass, for example, employs the likes of Mariah Carey, Gordon Ramsay, and President Bill Clinton as tutors.

A company aiming to take some of MasterClass' business has just rebranded using an ultra-premium domain. Monthly, which was operating on, has rebranded to Studio. Before its rebrand, the company wisely acquired from Mrs. Jello, LLC.

Topic by: @Lox

Poll: How Frequently Do You Sell Domains?

In domain name investing, there are plenty of different strategies to fit the needs of each investor. An essential part of any strategy is sales frequency. Rick Schwartz, for example, has chosen to only sell a handful of domain names in his long career as an investor, whereas some investors opt for lower margins and a high sales frequency.

This week's featured poll asks you to reveal how often you sell a domain name. Regardless of the price you sell for, do you prefer to sell domains regularly to keep a constant cash flow, or are you happy to rarely sell?

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

A Domain Owner Isn't Responding

A domainer has asked the community for advice after using email and phone calls to try to get in touch with the owner of a specific domain. Why this one domain name in particular? The domainer has what is described as a "tempting" offer for this domain name, submitted on behalf of a client.

What do you do when a domain name owner chooses not to respond or engage in discussions? Often, there's not much you can do, but some investors have shared possible tactics here.

Topic by: @Robin Hablani Acquired by DC Comics

The renowned comic book publisher responsible for characters such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, has secured the two-letter .com domain in a move that will likely see DC Comics switch from its current domain,, to simply

The company acquired from the professional services network Deloitte. This is a rare example of an ultra-premium domain moving directly from one corporation to another.

Topic by: @News

Does Anyone Sell Directly Via PayPal?

Multinational financial company PayPal has become the de facto payment platform for thousands of businesses and individuals, but do many domain investors use it to conduct domain sales?

Worries about security, protection, and potential chargebacks have stopped most investors from conducting deals via PayPal. Here, domain investors discuss the pros and cons of selling domains via PayPal, and we hear from one investor that has been trading using PayPal for many years.

Topic by: @ycfme

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