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Top Topics: Mike Mann’s Selling Strategy; Staying Positive Between Sales…

By James Iles, Sep 30, 2018
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    Before getting into this week’s Top Topics, I have a warning. If you haven’t already added two-factor authentication to your registrar accounts, I would urge you to do it soon. I won’t go into details, but after an incident this week, some of my domain portfolio was at a high risk of being compromised. If it wasn’t for the two-factor authentication on my various registrar accounts, I hate to think what could have happened. To check if your domain registrar offers two-factor authentication, there is a handy checklist available.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    Can I Change the Price I Quoted?

    Is it ethical to change the quoted price? After contacting a company CEO during an outbound sales drive, this investor quoted a $2,500 price for a domain name. However, according to this discussion, they would like to change the price quoted to almost double the original price. There is no specific reason given for the price increase, other than to attempt to strike a bigger deal.

    Should this even be something an investor could consider doing? The responses to this question so far would deem this to be an unprofessional move. What do you think?

    Topic by: @ilucky21c

    Mike Mann’s Selling Strategy

    Domain investor @Mike Mann has built up a portfolio of several hundred thousand domain names and regularly posts his domain sales on social media. One of Mike’s most recent sales, for example, was FromSmartToFinish.com for $1,788 for a domain he purchased in August for $20.

    Here, a domainer is looking to find an insight into Mike’s practices, and how he continues to post four and five-figure domain sales from names acquired for a relatively little amount.

    Topic by: @MrOriginal

    Staying Positive Between Sales

    For some investors, sales come few and far between. This could be due to their strategy of selling fewer names for higher prices, or it could be because their portfolio simply isn’t that great. If there is a long period of time between sales, how do you stay positive? Do you focus on acquiring additional domains, or does a lack of sales motivate you to perform outbound sales to kickstart cashflow?

    The responses are certainly interesting! Do you have any method to stay positive between domain sales?

    Topic by: @MetBob

    Stop the Price Increase of .COM Domains

    This week, the domain parking company Bodis sent an email to subscribers urging investors to take action. The email, copied to this discussion, states that before November 30th 2018, the price of .COM domain names may increase. This is due to the NTIA’s .COM price cap agreement with Verisign coming to an end.

    To stop a potential price increase in .COM domain names, Bodis are urging investors to sign a petition, linked in this discussion, to demand that ICANN and NTIA take action against a possible price increase.

    Topic by: @pablohc86

    Poll: When Did You Start Domaining?

    Since the early to mid 1990’s, entrepreneurs have seen the potential in domain names. @Rick Schwartz was one of the successful early pioneers of domaining, registering and acquiring names he would later sell for millions of dollars.

    From the 1990s onwards, investors have joined the industry, some with more success than others. In this week’s poll, an investor asks when you started domaining.

    Topic by: @Arpit131

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