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Top Topics: Sells for $10,000; Has a New Owner...

By James Iles, Aug 30, 2020
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, an investor asks how you can accumulate a sizeable portfolio of thousands of domains, and a $10,000 .TV sale is announced. Elsewhere, is put to use by Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, and Verisign is proposing using the URS system for .COM and .NET domains.

    How Do You Accumulate A Massive Portfolio?

    There are plenty of domain investors who own and operate portfolios consisting of several thousand domains. There are even investors with hundreds of thousands of names, such as Mike Mann.

    The question posed here is, how were those portfolios accumulated? Fortunately, there are several active investors with significant portfolios who have responded with their methods. It seems that usually, large portfolios are created over the course of several years.

    Topic by: @blogspotter Sold for $10,000

    In the past, we’ve featured several .TV domain sales reports, many from avid .TV investor, @Ammudamus. Those previous names include,, and This time, it’s

    The sale occurred via an inbound Uniregistry lead, but it required some legwork by the seller in order to close the deal, which is all documented in this discussion. This resulted in a $10,000 payday, which is a respectable return on a domain that this investor only acquired last year.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus Has a New Owner

    President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign slogan is Keep America Great, following on from his 2016 slogan, Make America Great Again. A quick visit to Trump’s official campaign store shows the Keep America Great slogan being used on a number of Trump branded products.

    This week, it came to light that the exact match domain is being used by Trump’s rival, Joe Biden. Navigating to won’t show you a Trump store, it’ll show you a campaign site paid for by “Biden for President”.

    Topic by: @hawkeye

    How Old Is Your Oldest Domain?

    The oldest .COM domain name is, registered in March 1985. That was the first of over 148 million .COM names to be registered. In this discussion, we want to know just how old your oldest domain name is.

    As of writing, many investors have names dating back to the mid to early 90s, with one domain dating back to 1987. If Aron Meystedt, the owner of, decides to post in this discussion, then he’ll certainly win!

    Topic by: @koolishman

    Verisign Wants The URS To Apply To Dot-com Registrants

    Verisign, the company acting as the registry for extensions such as .COM and .NET has recently proposed the imposition of the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) policy on .COM and .NET registrants.

    The URS system is described by ICANN as a lower-cost, faster path to relief for rights holders, allowing a trademark holder to file a complaint and get a domain name temporarily suspended. This system was adopted during the initial phases of the New gTLD offering, but applying it to two of the most established extensions in existence could be catastrophic for the rights of domain owners. This discussion also contains links to opinion pieces by industry leaders. This is certainly an issue that domainers should be aware of.

    Topic by: @GeorgeK

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    Always enjoy reviewing the latest Top Topics!

    Thanks James, appreciate the interesting list of recent discussions!
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    Thanks James.
    Can't believe my simple query could lead to a nice discussion
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    Thanks again, @James Iles

    I had missed the discussion on accumulating a large portfolio, started by @blogspotter, until I saw your compilation. It has some illuminating contributions from those holding large portfolios.

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    How much did the seller make on the deal?
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    thanks for share james
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    I have, may I increase the price to $10k?
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    Mexico is a country and yours is a currency that has no relation to Mexico...

    No comparison.....
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