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In this week's Top Topics, we look at possible means of making the marketplace listing process more efficient, and are some domaining strategies just a lottery? Elsewhere, news breaks of the sale of and Intis Telecom puts its new $3.8 million domain to use.

How Do I Make the Marketplace Listing Process More Efficient?

Domain name investors have plenty of choices when it comes to marketplaces to use to sell domain names on. Many domainers choose to list on multiple marketplaces to improve domain visibility.

The problem is, that creating and maintaining these listings with accurate pricing can be lengthy, especially if the domain investor in question has a large portfolio. Do you have any tips to help make the process of listing on marketplaces more efficient?

Topic by: @Intop Sells Within Days

The concept of the metaverse has gone mainstream after Facebook’s parent company, Meta, announced plans to bring the metaverse to life calling it “the next evolution of social connection.”

Since then, meta and metaverse-related domain names have been hot properties. This past week, top brokers Media Options announced it sold the domain for an undisclosed fee, just days after putting it up for sale.

Topic by: @Crysis

Domains As a Lottery Ticket

Looking through the daily domain sales listed at NameBio reveals numerous names that sell for five- and six-figures each. Many investors then register similar names hoping to hit the jackpot. A notable recent example is the meta keyword trend, which has produced several sizable sales of domains registered just weeks or months ago.

Can the strategy of registering domains containing trending keywords in the hope of striking big be sustainable or profitable?

Topic by: @Jason Baudendistel

Intis Telecom Launches New Domain Zone on

After acquiring the domain name for $3.8 million earlier this year, its new owners are putting it to good use. This discussion reveals that Intis Telecom is launching a new subdomain extension, using

It’s not the first time that Intist Telecom has acquired a valuable name. In 2020, it purchased for around $242,000. That domain, along with, now forwards to

Topic by: @Lox

NamePros’ New Website

This week, NamePros unveiled a brand new design, described as “the first step toward a lot of positive and exciting changes.” Domain name investors have been offering their opinion and feedback on the new design.

Topic by: @NamePros

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These are important topics, and thanks for curation, @James Iles

Not only is one of the biggest sales of late, but the plan use is bold and has implications for the domain world.

To sell that fast, metaverse must have gone for a lot in .org. Wish we knew the exact amount!

I personally like the new NamePros design, even though in early days found the old one easier to find my way around. The new one feels more business professional to me. And I think that is a good.

Thanks again, James.

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