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In this week's Top Topics, we look at the details of two rebrands, with one company moving to a .IO and one switching to a .COM. Elsewhere, a new investor shares what they've learned after a year in the business, and what's the easiest way to make money with domain names?

Is There an Average Time to Sell a Domain?

There's plenty that you can control as a domain name investor. The domains you buy, the prices you pay, and your plans for each domain name are just three examples. What we often can't control, though, is domain sales.

Unless you proactively sell via outbound marketing, there's no control over when the right buyer for your domain comes along. Are you able to put a number on the average time it takes for a domain name to sell, though?

Topic by: @ddesigns

Meta Rebrands to

Last year, Facebook announced that it was rebranding its corporation from Facebook to Meta. The company, predominantly through its lawyers, went on a spending spree, acquiring many Meta domain names. One name that it hasn't got yet is

A sale might be in the pipeline, though, as the company that currently owns the name, a marketing agency called Meta, has rebranded to Herd, using the domain.

Topic by: @Lox

What I've Learned After a Year

In the domain name industry, participants come and go regularly. It's pleasing, though, to see plenty of people entering the industry with new energy and a new perspective. It's also great to hear what those new investors have to say.

After a year as a domain investor and hot on the heels of their first $2,000+ domain sale at Afternic, one investor has shared their views. More specifically, it's a set of bullet points documenting this domainer's experiences in their first year. It could be a helpful resource to other new investors.

Topic by: @Futurewizard

Poll: What's the Easiest Way to Make Money With Domains?

After acquiring a domain name, there are several possible options to monetize it. You can either look to sell the name proactively or passively, you can park the domain, or you could develop it.

This week's featured poll asks for your opinion on the easiest way to make money with domain names. So far, the overwhelming majority agree that selling a domain is the easiest way to make money with domains. Do you agree?

Topic by: @redemo

Bitcoin Gaming Brands Appears to Have Acquired

In September 2021, a prominent Bitcoin gaming company completed a rebrand from Coingaming Group to Yolo Group to "better reflect its status as disruptors across a diverse range of sectors including gaming and fintech."

As a result of the rebrand, the company switched domain names. Initially, it moved to, but one domain investor noticed that the company seems to have acquired WHOIS history suggests that the acquisition may have taken place in January 2022.

Topic by: @xcloud123

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