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GoDaddy says is worth only $15k, how accurate is that? The WIPO served a domain investor with a UDRP; Where and how to approach big investors with liquid domains? was bought by Andrew Tate; Sedo traffic stats: Do they include bidding activity?

How much is worth?
GoDaddy's domain valuation tool says that is worth only $15,000 dollars. Its long time owner wonders how accurate is this figure. Join the discussion and share your thoughts.

Topic by @samhstein

WIPO process with my domain
A domain investor was hit with a UDRP that was filed at the WIPO; the domain admittedly violates the Complainant's trademark. Although the Respondent offered to transfer the domain, the UDRP continues. It's best to avoid trademark registrations, obviously. Find out what else is recommended at this point.

Topic by @keim123

Where and how to approach big investors when I have liquid domains?
Selling liquid domains in bulk can be a challenge; a NamePros member is seeking advice on how to approach domain investors that would be interested in his portfolio, adding that all sales must complete via a domain marketplace such as Sedo, Dan, or Afternic.

Topic by @MHExplorer bought by Andrew Tate
The domain name was acquired by controversial entrepreneur, Andrew Tate. It was reported to be a "record-breaking" transaction and it now showcases Tate's business. Find out more details and share your views about this acquisition of a premium domain name.

Topic by @robinnx

Sedo parking and traffic stats
A domain investor is questioning the amount of traffic domains in Sedo auctions are displaying. When there are dozens of bids, shouldn't that be reflected in the domain's overall traffic? Find out what's going on.

Topic by @Inframan

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