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By James Iles, Aug 11, 2019
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    A sale that seems to have slipped under the radar is that of This popular animal domain name was owned by the original registrant up until this year, even after declining advances several years ago from the once-popular Meerkat live broadcast app.

    The buyer of is a UK based insurance comparison company, CompareTheMarket. They have had a long-standing, popular ad campaign involving a meerkat, which has branched out to other promotional ventures. The meerkat is now almost a vital part of CompareTheMarket, and it is good to see them finally secure

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    My Buyer Only Wants to Use GoDaddy's Marketplace

    After conducting some outbound marketing, a potential buyer contacted this investor to acquire one of their domain names. It seemed like the seller would close the sale, but there was one sticking point - the transaction had to take place via GoDaddy.

    With a 20% commission rate, the investor thought this figure was too high for the services needed. Should to seller simply continue with GoDaddy and pay the commission rate to close the deal?

    Topic by: @Radu054

    My DomainX Recap

    DomainX is a popular domain name conference, which was held this year in New Delhi at the start of August. This was the sixth DomainX conference, and the first of which to host an auction.

    Here, an attendee of the event shared details of their experience with other investors also sharing opinions of the event, with valuable feedback on the first DomainX domain name auction.

    Topic by: @manpreet

    My First Year of Domaining Experience

    After joining the domaining community almost a year ago, this investor has published a review of their first year, to see what went well, and what didn't. There is a frank assessment of some of their early acquisitions, but a positive ending with four-figures in sales posted for the year.

    Discussions such as this can prove beneficial for the investor and the entire industry. The publisher can receive vital feedback and strategy advice from more experienced investors, whilst these discussions can also offer motivation to some domainers.

    Topic by: @YairDD

    A Domain Name for Christmas?

    As has been well documented, domain names can be lucrative investments and vital assets for businesses. However, do domain names make good gifts too? In this discussion, the topic of domain names as Christmas gifts is explored.

    It may be surprising to hear that several investors have already done this for friends and family, with some success stories while some were not well received! Would you give a domain name as a gift?

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

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    1,061, awesome name. The moment I saw it I knew that it would be compare the market that had bought it.

    Compare the Meerkat
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    Thanks for sharing James.
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    What a fantastic domain!
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    .christmas is a top level space (TLD) managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
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