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Top Topics: Sells for $2.5 Million; How Do You Keep Track of Your Domains?…

By James Iles, Aug 22, 2021
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we look at three domain sales at various price points. Firstly, there’s a seven-figure sale, then a six-figure sale, and lastly, a five-figure deal. Elsewhere, a domainer asks about tracking their own domain names and we discuss an interesting rebrand. Sold for $2.5 Million

    This week, veteran domain broker Larry Fischer announced his latest seven-figure domain deal, selling on behalf of its owner.

    Here, we react to the sale and there is a debate on whether the full value was extracted from this domain. Do you think that could have sold for more?

    Fischer also brokered the sale of for $1,150,000 this week.

    Topic by: @Crysis

    I Sold This Domain for $25,000

    Hours after this domain name expired in 2019, domain investor @Joseh CA hand registered it. The two-word descriptive domain sat in the domainer’s account until recently, when a GoDaddy broker got in touch.

    According to this discussion, the broker submitted an offer of $15,000, and eventually, a figure of $25,000 was agreed upon. The domain name is listed in the discussion.

    Topic by: @Joseph CA Sold for $542,500

    Hot on the heels of two seven-figure domain sales from Larry Fischer is this six-figure sale. was acquired for $542,500 by a fintech company called Able. The deal was brokered by domain investor and entrepreneur Morgan Linton.

    Linton represented the buyer in this transaction, helping a fellow startup founder to buy an incredible domain name.

    Topic by: @URLU

    How Do You Keep Track of Your Domains?

    With dozens of registrars running regular promotions and investors acquiring names from drop catchers and auction houses, it’s quite normal for a domainer to hold names at several registrars.

    How, then, do you keep track of all the domains registered with various companies? With renewal dates, nameservers, and other information to monitor, it can be difficult, especially with a large portfolio. This domain investor is looking for advice on how to track domain names.

    Topic by: @siddardha Rebrands to

    Is this an upgrade? A domain name investor shared details of a rebrand that was announced recently. Brightstar, a tech protection and support provider, announced that it is going to rebrand from Brightstar, using, to Likewize, using

    Domain name investors have reacted to the news with incredulity, amazed at what many are perceiving as a poor branding choice. What do you think?

    Topic by: @Lox

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