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By N-A, Nov 6, 2015
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    The most popular discussions this week include analyzing domain name trends and market activity for wise investment decisions, setting realistic and achievable investment goals for the New Year, the poor performance of the promising new gTLD’s since their release, and witnessing history in the making with a complete buyout.

    Trending Now
    Following domain name trends or market activity can be a great resource to help you decide where to stick your hard earned money. See what’s trending now in the domaining community…
    Topic by @kite26

    Realistic Goals
    If you’re a beginner at domain name sales, setting, and ultimately achieving realistic goals, should be a priority year-after-year.
    Topic by @silgro12

    Meager Performance of new gTLD’s
    The year 2015 was supposed to be a bright year for new gTLD’s; though, it’s not looking that way nearly a year later.
    Topic by @cocaseco

    Complete Buyout
    Nearly 4 months ago, we witnessed the buyout of Chinese premium’s. On November 5th, there was a complete buyout.
    Topic by @DotCN

    Happy Birthday, Eric!
    NamePros’ administrator @Eric Lyon celebrated his birthday earlier this week on November 1st. Be sure to stop by and send him a belated birthday wish.
    Topic by @JudgeMind

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