Top Topics: Making $100,000 Per Year; LLL Buyouts; Defining "Premium"...

By N-A, Oct 23, 2015
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    The most popular discussions this week include numerical dot com domains with 7, 8, and 9 digits; defining what a “premium” domain name consists of; an LLL buyout in various ccTLD’s and gTLD’s; the likelihood of breaking $100,000 a year through domain name speculation; and a recent buyout of all the Western premium domains.

    8N Domains
    After seeing the buyout of premium 6N domains, do you believe that the trend will continue into 7, 8, or even 9 digits? Or are numerical domains after a certain length a stretch to invest in?
    Topic by @Salai Domains

    Defining “Premium”
    Many attributes make up a premium domain: from its extension to the makeup of the actual string. Here are ways to determine whether a domain name is actually a premium name and whether or not you should invest in it.
    Topic by @Mrs Domai

    LLL Buyout
    All LLL domains in .CO, .CC, .BIZ, and .INFO appear to be registered. Is the next logical jump purchasing LLL .MOBI domains? Or perhaps in an obscure ccTLD?
    Topic by @Jacks86

    Making $100k a Year
    If you are new to domaining, you may want to know whether it can be profitable for you before jumping in. There are a lot of investors who are highlighted in the news with large sales; however, is it possible for just anyone to break $100,000 per year in sales? What would it take in order for one to do so?
    Topic by @Mikeross1

    All English’s Registered
    On, or around October 21st, all’s that are considered Western premiums were registered. The investors likely to be behind this should have been from Western countries; though as it turns out, many were registered from within China.
    Topic by @djum

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    Nice friend! Thank you!
    And could you tell me about what you think about the question of my thread?
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    Good to knw my question about premium is trending on domain news
  8. Suraj Soni

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    I would definitely love to earn $100000 Per Year :P
  9. Mrs Domai

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    Selling domain names is not just the best way to make quick cash, it involves alot of risk attached. If I had relied on selling domains alone I would have became deteriorated. I recently joined a company where I fill survey forms and I got paid for $1.20 per survey... Not much but I get 40 of this same surveys per day! Now am happy cos I can use the proceeds to pay for my domain names renewal! :D:D:D:xf.grin:
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