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Top Topics: Major DNS Changes on February 1st; Help Me Improve My Portfolio - $50 Reward...

By James Iles, Jan 20, 2019
  1. Earlier this week, I came across Trig, a design an innovation firm. Usually, this would not be newsworthy at all, but what I found interesting was at the top of their homepage, there is a banner notifying users that "Trig Acquires". In the subsequent press release posted in May 2018, the company notified users that the company was upgrading from to

    Although the press release doesn't reveal the price paid for the domain, the story of the name and the company's reasons behind purchasing it are interesting to read.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Help Me Improve My Portfolio - $50 Reward

    This week, a domain investor asked the community to give feedback on his domain portfolio. Consisting of hundreds of mostly new gTLD (new extension) names, the domainer asked for constructive feedback on names he should drop.

    The investor chose one piece of advice to receive a $50 reward for their help.

    Topic by: @lolwarrior


    Does Using a Yahoo! Email Address Hurt Outbound Sales?

    As has been established, outbound domain sales can prove to be a productive source of revenue - proactively marketing domain names to potential end users. There are many nuanced factors to a good outbound marketing campaign, and one of the most basic is the email address you use.

    Here, an investor asks whether using a Yahoo! email address for outbound sales would be seen as unprofessional, hurting chances of closing a deal. What do you think? Have your say below.

    Topic by: @jaggs

    Sixteen Years in Business, and Still Almost Making Mistakes!

    Veteran domainer @johnn pays around $1,500 per month in domain renewals, so knowing which names to keep and which to drop becomes vital. When a plural one-word .ORG domain came up for renewal, the investor almost decided against renewing it.

    Fortunately, he did renew it since it sold just weeks later for a mid-four-figure fee. After sixteen years as a domain investor, it shows that you can still almost make mistakes! Full details on this sale are available in this discussion.

    Topic by: @johnn

    Poll: What Are You Looking Forward to at NamesCon?

    With the start of NamesCon just a week away, it's an opportune time to examine what is on the agenda for this year's conference. This week's featured poll takes a look at the parts of NamesCon visitors are most looking forward to.

    The front-runners of the poll so far are the domain auction and networking parties.

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

    Major DNS Changes on February 1st

    NamePros' CTO @Paul Buonopane alerted domain investors to DNS Flag Day, which occurs on February 1st 2019. Domain names served by non-compliant DNS servers will not function reliably after February 1st.

    In this discussion, Paul has given domain investors resources to check whether their own nameservers may be affected. If you run your own websites or host your own landing pages, this may be something you need to check.

    Topic by: @Paul Buonopane

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