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In this week's Top Topics, we look at the $65,000 sale of and how the domain name is now being used. Elsewhere, an investor advises not pricing your domain names too low, and what made you want to become a domainer? Sold for $65,000 - The New Site is Online

This week, domain marketplace Sedo sold, a four-letter domain name with one obvious meaning for anyone following US politics. "Make America Great Again," simplified to the acronym "Maga," is a 2016 campaign slogan used by President Donald Trump. The slogan found its way onto a whole host of merchandise and has been widely adopted by Trump supporters.

The exact-match domain,, sold for $65,000, and domain name investors are commenting on the sales price and the garish landing page adoring the domain.

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Don't Price Yourself Out of a Sale

We've heard the advice that pricing a domain name too high can ultimately lose you a sale, but how about pricing your domain name too low? One domain investor certainly thinks that low pricing can affect your sell-through rate, depending on the industry you're targeting with your domain.

According to this domainer, if you have an industry-specific domain that doesn't attract much interest, it may be that potential buyers from that industry have a bigger budget and will filter out lower-price names during their search. Do you agree with this?

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How Many Domains Have You Sold for Over $5,000?

Some domain name investors operate at a level where $5,000 sales are insignificant, regular occurrences that help to keep a consistent cash flow. Whereas for other domainers, the magical $5,000 sale is an ambition.

Here, a domain investor wants to know whether you have sold any domain name for $5,000 or more in the last three months. A poll attached to this discussion will help you gauge how often other domainers are selling names in this price bracket.

Topic by: @lknights1987 Sold for $200,000 in 2018

Startup Neighbor describes itself as the Airbnb for storage, offering a marketplace that allows anyone to rent out a room, garage, or even an empty shed for storage purposes. The company has been operating since 2017.

From a domain perspective, it began life on before switching to In 2018, it was able to secure Thanks to the Mixergy podcast, we know that Neighbor spent $200,000 to secure

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What Made You Want to be a Domainer?

The domain name industry attracts participants from all over the world, from different backgrounds and with different skillsets. But the aim is often the same, to make additional income from buying and selling domain names.

In this discussion, we want to know what made you become a domain name investor and how you stumbled across domain investing?

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Domainers are pricing their domains for other domainers and forget that there is a whole world out there.
A good point about pricing too potentially reducing sell-through I think.

I had not noticed the What Made You Want To Be A Domainer. Must head over to see the discussion now.

Thanks for a great summary of topics, James, during a really busy week for you!