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Top Topics: Sold for $2.68 Million; Are You Attending NamesCon 2020?...

By James Iles, Jan 12, 2020
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    If you are looking to bid on any domain names that are being auctioned off in the NamesCon 2020 auction event, DomainSherpa has compiled a helpful list of all the domain names being auctioned, as well as data such as their reserve range and their current auction price. You can find the list on DomainSherpa’s website.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    My 2019 In Numbers

    In 2017, domainer Nikul Sanghvi created an AMA (Ask Me Anything), in which he shared his journey through domaining. His data-driven approach has inspired and influenced many other investors.

    Here, in what could be one of the most notable posts at NamePros, Nikul shares specific details about his domaining income for 2019, as well as comparing that to previous years. This post also contains three years worth of domain sales data. It’s a must-read.

    Topic by: @Nikul Sanghvi

    An Ideal Outbound Email

    After taking a course on product management that contained a topic on user outreach, this investor has shared three core points from that course that can be applied to outbound domain sales.

    More specifically, these points can be applied to outbound emails. The art of outbound sales can be difficult to master, so discussions like this may help with your own education.

    Topic by: @Arpit131 Acquired for $2.68 Million in 2017

    Domain investor George Kirikos has uncovered yet another domain name sale. Usually, George’s discoveries are from publicly-disclosed SEC filings, but on this occasion the sale was listed in a UDRP case.

    The UDRP was filed against the domain name, and as part of the defense, the domain’s purchase price was revealed as $2.68 million. This would place the domain as the second-highest domain sale of 2017.

    Topic by: @george Kirikos

    Share Your Domaining Goals for 2020

    January is an opportune time to reflect on the past year and to set goals for the year ahead. It’s also often beneficial to post these goals publicly to be accountable for your goals once the year ends.

    Domain investors are asked to add their domaining goals for 2020 to this discussion. Some goals include specific sales numbers and portfolio increases.

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    Who’s Going to NamesCon Global 2020?

    This year, NamesCon Global is taking place in Austin, TX at the end of January. It’s an opportune time to develop your domaining skills in a concentrated learning environment. It’s also the perfect time to network with fellow domain name investors.

    If you are planning on attending NamesCon 2020, let others know in this discussion. Now is the perfect time to set up meetings with other investors and find discuss community plans for the event.

    Topic by: @Recons.Com

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    Perfect price, thank you for sharing.
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    is the january 10 domain sherpa list the final version of all names being offered for auction at namescon 2020?
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    The Nikul Sanghvi thread was an interesting and very important contribution to the NamePros community!

    His insightful comments and his business data could serve as an example and model for those serious about the domain name business to emulate.

    You said it best James, " it's a must-read".

    Thanks for gathering up and presenting all of the Top Topics!
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