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Top Topics: I've Been Threatened With a Lawsuit; Why Do We Monetize Domains?...

By James Iles, Nov 10, 2018
  1. Recently, we broke the news of @braden Pollock’s $500,000 sale of Q.org. At the time, the buyers were unknown since the domain held no content and was registered under privacy protection. This week, the domain’s content changed to display Q, a worldwide distributed cryptocurrency. Alongside Q.org, the company has also managed to secure the @Q Twitter username.

    Here are this week’s Top Topics.

    I’ve Been Threatened With a Lawsuit

    After hearing that a newly formed large business was to move to this registrant’s geographic area, they registered the exact-match domain name for the business and hosted a protest website on the domain.

    It may come as little surprise to know that the large business is threatening to sue the name’s owner. Looking for advice, the registrant turned to seasoned investors to see what their next move should be.

    Topic by: @Titus Vorenus

    Investing in Short Domain Names

    Short domain names have been a popular niche for investment for several years thanks largely to their liquidity and their rarity. This week, GoDaddy’s @Joe Styler interviewed liquid domain broker @Giuseppe Graziano.

    The interview, hosted at GoDaddy and shared with the community, covers liquid domain investment, strategy and the immediate future of short domain names as investments.

    Topic by: @Tshombe


    One Tip to Become a $10,000 Per Month Domainer

    A dream for many investors is to make enough money consistently to be able to live off their assets. It can take a lot of work, patience, and risk to build up a portfolio that can consistently produce a five-figure monthly income.

    In this discussion, an investor asks for advice on how to achieve a figure-figure monthly income.

    Topic by: @Brand Ultra

    Why Do We Monetize Domains?

    Monetization of domain names has been a lucrative source of income for many investors since the 1990s. Developing, parking or even leasing are common ways of monetizing domains.

    Here, a new investor is looking at the concept of domain name monetization, asking experienced domainers to explain why domains are monetized in order to produce recurring revenue. Investors and entrepreneurs such as Epik’s CEO, @Rob Monster have provided interesting insights.

    Topic by: @RoyCpo

    Where Should I Transfer 12,500 Domains?

    Owning and operating a portfolio of thousands of domain names is an expensive venture. Renewal fees can reach five or even six-figures per year, so keeping costs to a minimum is vital.

    An investor that has a portfolio of 12,500 domain names has asked the community for suggestions on registrars to move the entire portfolio to.

    Topic by: @nonameman

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