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Top Topics: Is .TV Still Valuable?; How Not to Bid on DropCatch...

By James Iles, Oct 27, 2017
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    Brokerage company Media Options looks to have released a brand new design for their website. After sticking with the same design for many years, Media Options have revamped their website, allowing users to easily search for domain names listed on their platform whilst also offering easy access to learn more about the company's services. It's a welcome upgrade for regular users.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    Is .TV Still a Valuable Extension?

    The .TV extension has attracted attention from end users and investors alike thanks to the adoption of the Tuvalu extension by many popular Internet brands and video sites. This year, we've seen sales such as for $60,000 and for $35,000.

    In this discussion, an investor has asked whether .TV still has potential value, with this domainer contemplating acquiring a keyword .TV domain name. Do you invest in .TV?

    Topic by: @Ricardo M

    How Committed Are You?

    As we established in last week's Top Topics, domainers often need some kind of motivation to continue their domaining careers. This week, a domainer has asked the community a simple question: How committed to the domain industry are you?

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

    How Not To Bid on DropCatch

    Domain drop catching service DropCatch is a popular destination amongst domainers thanks to their ability to catch some of the best expiring domain names. Recently, the domain name went to auction at DropCatch, eventually selling for $14,072.

    However, the winning bidder may have made a mistake by revealing their identity within their username. It seems that lighting-as-a-service provider Lumeo, currently operating on, purchased the name. We know this thanks to the bidder's username, "GoLumeo".

    This knowledge may have prompted more domain investors to pursue the domain at auction, knowing that at least one company was actively pursuing the domain.

    Topic by: @James Rayers

    Domaining For a Living

    How easy is it to be a domain investor full time? In most cases, domain investing is a part-time venture. For some, income from domaining is enough to warrant a full-time occupation.

    So, is it viable to be a full-time domainer? Many investors have shared their own experiences of why they are or are not a full-time domainer.

    Topic by: @Ricardo M

    Does Age Really Matter?

    In many domain name sales reports, a domain's age is often mentioned, but does it really matter? If a domain name was registered in 1995 but has spent the majority of its existence redirecting to a parked page, is the domain's age really a selling point?

    These questions have sparked an interesting discussion with many investors giving their own opinions on the merits of age when it comes to domain names.

    Topic by: @MetBob

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    Thanks, good overview for all who don't have much time under the week.
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    Thanks for choosing one of my topics!
  8. Ricardo M

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    Thanks for selecting the 'does age of domain really matter?', and thanks to everyone who contributed to a lively and valuable discussion. I learned a lot!
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    It looks like some of the testimonials may be from MediaOptions employee's.


    According to two Weekly Brokerage listings on, Parker Kaback appears to be a representative of Media Options.

    Parker also left a review for DNAcademy, using Panama as his location.
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