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In this week's Top Topics, domain investors discuss a recent $28,500 expired domain sale linked to the daughter of a famed CEO, and is domain parking still worth it? Elsewhere, investors make predictions for where they see domaining in five years' time, and should we avoid domain names containing words with variable spellings?

An Expired Domain Sells for $28,500 at Dynadot

Domain registrar Dynadot operates an expired domain name auction platform that this week facilitated the sale of a four-letter .COM for $28,500. Domain investors @jexi alerted the community to the pending sale in this discussion.

Domainers followed the story of this domain as the auction closed and the transaction closed. According to information within the discussion, the name was previously owned by the daughter of the former CEO of Nissan.

Topic by: @jexi

Is Parking Worth It?

In the early years of domain investing, parking was one of the best means of monetizing your domain names. Parking, in this sense, is when advertisements are shown to the visitor of a domain name, with the registrant gaining revenue from ad clicks and impressions. Some investors could make a healthy living from the revenue generated from parking their domain names.

Today, is domain name parking still worthwhile? Does anyone still make a living from domain parking? Here, an investor is looking for advice about domain parking, as well as recommendations for the best domain parking platforms.

Topic by: @Daniel Owens

Where Do You See Domaining in Five Years?

A lot can change in five years. Five years ago, sales charts were dominated by six- and seven-figure domain sales to China, Ring had just acquired, and many new gTLDs were just launching. It stands to reason that in five years from now, the domaining landscape could change significantly.

Where do you see domaining in five years’ time? Investors are giving their predictions, which can be read in this discussion.

Topic by: @dave321 Sold for “Close to a Million Bucks”

In December 2020, the domain name sold in a transaction brokered by The name, as it turns out, was acquired by SocialSurvey ahead of a planned rebranding.

On February 1st, SocialSurvey officially rebranded to and CEO Scott Harris phoned in to a radio show to discuss the rebranding. During the interview, Scott revealed some details about the domain name including the fact that his company purchased the name for “close to a million bucks.”

Topic by: @James Iles

American vs British Spelling in Domain Names

Although America and the UK both speak English, there are a vast amount of differences in the way that we spell words in particular. Spelling becomes a problem when it comes to certain domain names.

Here, an investor is questioning the value of American vs British spellings of domain names. Should domains with variable spellings be avoided by investors? When it comes to end-users, some brands have smartly acquired both variations. For example, Harbor acquired both and, and Color acquired both and

Topic by: @Domainer47

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