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Domain investors discuss whether domain parking is alive, dying, or already dead; $600,000 USD was paid for the domain name recently; Exploration of whether four-letter (LLLL) .com prices are crashing; A list of domain brokers who sell domains faster than the rest...

Is Domain Parking Dead?
There has been lots of chatter this last week regarding domain name parking and whether or not it's dying out or just in a slight lull for a while before spiking again. Opinions so far range from, but not limited to, it will last forever, it's dying, it's half dead, irrelevant ads are killing it, it's still alive and well, and more. What's your opinion about today's parking?

Topic by @Goodold80 Sold For $600,000
Braden Pollock sold for $600,000 USD! Wow! Talk about a half-million-plus dollar sale to get your blood pumping and your motivation vitalized. is an earn-via-participation (multiple choice questions and answers) type of platform. inspires individuals to think more freely about issues to help combat misinformation.

Topic by @silentg

Are 4-Letter .com Names' prices CRASHING?
What say you? The rumor has it that in the last two weeks the resale prices for four-letter .com domain names has been a bit lower than previously-reported sales data. Platforms like Godaddy, NamePros, Namejet, DropCatch, etc. have four-letter .com's listed and selling for $100 when they used to go for an easy $150. That's a big difference, percentage wise. Are you noticing the same dip in value or is it just eager investors in need of fast cash selling cheap temporarily causing a lull in the data?

Topic by @Haroon Basha

List of brokers that sell domains fast
Every domain reseller has a different opinion when it comes to which broker or marketplace can assist in reselling a domain name asset the fastest. Some domain investors have a more niche portfolio and find better odds with brokers or marketplaces that get more attention from those specific niche industries, while others feel that some platforms outperform regardless of the niche that a domain asset is in. Take a look at what's being said so far and add your own thoughts.

Topic by @Samprad pvt ltd

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