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In this week's Top Topics, we focus on a ten-year-old company that has rebranded to an ultra-premium .com domain. Elsewhere, we want you to share how much money you started your domain investing career with, and an end-user has asked for advice on choosing a domain name.

Integromat Evolves to Make.com

Workflow automation company Integromat, founded in 2012, has announced a significant rebrand that comes with the acquisition of a premium domain name. The company, a rival of the popular Zapier, has completed its rebrand to Make.

With its new name comes a new domain name. Make acquired Make.com from former owner Digimedia, Inc. for an undisclosed fee. Make.com's acquisition was likely facilitated by funds from Make's parent company, Celonis, which has raised $1.4 billion in funding to date.

Topic by: @F.E.

How Much Did You Start Domaining With?

The domain name industry attracts a wide array of people from different backgrounds with different financial situations. Some use domaining to make some extra cash on the side, while others want to view domain name investing as a full-time venture. Nonetheless, everyone starts somewhere in domaining.

Not everyone starts with the same funds, though. With domains available for as little as $0.99 in some promotions, the barrier of entry is exceedingly low. Here, we want to know whether you entered the industry with a small amount of money or if you set aside a sizable sum.

Topic by: @abstractdomainer

Give Me Some Domain Ideas

To some end-users, the world of domain names can be confusing. Navigating the registration or aftermarket acquisition of domain names can be tricky, which is why some turn to seasoned investors for help.

Here, the owner of a taxi company with over four hundred cars is asking for advice on selecting a domain name for their venture. So far, domain investors have been quite decisive on what this end-user should do.

Topic by: @charles004

A Look At How Large Companies Use Their Premium Domains

Hidden in the domain name portfolios of some large companies are some truly valuable domain names. Apple, for example, owns domains such as Next.com, Carbon.com, and Airport.com. Disney owns Family.com, Go.com, and Kid.com.

In this discussion, we look at a list compiled by InternetX that shows how some of the world's largest companies use their premium domain names.

Topic by: @equity78

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