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Top Topics: I Sold for €5,000; Who Do You Contact for Outbound Sales?...

By James Iles, Dec 9, 2018
  1. In this week's edition of Top Topics, an investor tells the community about their latest .APP sale, we take a look at the potential correlation between .COM, .NET and .ORG sales and a domainer looks for a little bit of outbound advice. Elsewhere, a question of strategy is addressed.

    I Sold for €5,000

    The .APP extension hasn’t see many publicly disclosed sales. NameBio lists just twelve .APP deals with at $15,000 recorded as the largest sale from this extension. This week, an investor has shared details of their own .APP sale,

    According to this discussion, the domain sold for €5,000 ($5,675) via Sedo, but the seller wanted to ask the community whether they sold the name too cheap? Should they have held on for a five-figure offer? What would you do?

    Topic by: @vaydesign

    The Correlation Between .COM, .NET and .ORG Valuations

    Is there an interrelationship between the valuations of three of the leading domain extensions, .COM, .NET and .ORG? Does the sales price of a .COM domain affect the price of the corresponding .NET or .ORG?

    Some may argue that .NET or .ORG are worth around 10% of a .COM, but it’s rarely this simplified. What do you think? Is there a correlation between .COM, .NET and .ORG valuations?

    Topic by: @Southtexas81


    Who Do You Contact?

    To produce a regular cash flow, some investors perform outbound marketing on their domain names in order to essentially advertise their name to specific potential end users. Domain buyers can vary from the self-employed to multi-national corporations and each type of company may require a different contact point in order to present your domain to decision makers.

    For the past two months, an investor has attempted to contact a decision maker at a medical device manufacturer without success. This has led them to ask for advice from the community regarding successful contact points in large companies.

    Topic by: @uglydork

    Your Sales Strategy for More Revenue

    If you own a portfolio sustained by thousands of brand-centric domain names, would you create more revenue by increasing “buy now” prices to produce more income from selling fewer domains? The alternatives could be switching to lower “buy now” prices in order to sell more names or leave the majority of your domains on “make offer” to negotiate purchases on a case by case basis.

    Which strategy would you undertake if you were looking to improve your revenue from a brandable portfolio with thousands of domains? These investors give their opinions.

    Topic by: @Federer

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    Great sale of Not a bad sum considering it's most likely to be a premium renewal cost, so probably a half decent return after less than a year.

    Hopefully I'll sell takeout《》app one of these days.
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