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In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor shares their $8,000 .TV sale and there's a focus on new technologies as we discuss crypto payments and Namecheap's acquisition of Namebase. Elsewhere, the .US extension turns 37 with a timely $99,999 .US domain sale revealed.

I Sold This .TV for $8,000

For years, the .TV domain extension has been a popular choice for some investors and end-users alike. It has produced a steady stream of sales, too. NameBio records $8.5 million of .TV sales since 2003 at an average price of $2,627.

There's another notable .TV sale to add to the list now. A seasoned .TV investor that previously sold for $125,000 has revealed their latest deal in this discussion.

Topic by: @donnied79

Do You Allow Crypto Payments?

Cryptocurrency has become a mainstream market, with individuals and major organizations alike building portfolios of various cryptocurrencies. This has led to Bitcoin and Ethereum attaining a combined market cap of more than $1 trillion at the time of publishing.

With the popularity of cryptocurrency, would you be willing to sell a domain name for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency? In this discussion, many investors seem to be open to the idea but would require the services of a third-party escrow.

Topic by: @inspiredme

Namebase Acquired by Namecheap

Domain name registrar Namecheap has been one of the largest advocates for blockchain-based domain names. In 2021, it began offering Handshake TLDs such as .p, .elite, and .orb for registration alongside regular domain extensions. With Handshake, anyone can register a TLD and then sell second-level domains.

In a move solidifying its position as an innovator in the Handshake space, Namecheap has acquired Namebase, a leading Handshake name registry and marketplace.

Topic by: @James Rayers

App Annie Rebrands as

App Annie, best known for offering mobile performance data products to developers, publishers, and advertisers, has changed its name. After forming in 2010, App Annie has had a successful run, raising $157.1 million in funding and attracting clients such as Google, LinkedIn, and Visa.

Now, though, the company has rebranded to a new name and a new domain. App Annie is now According to CEO Ted Krantz, β€œThe name reflects our vision to drive comprehensive digital performance with products and partnerships.”

Topic by: @capybara

Happy 37th Birthday to .US

This past week, the .US extension has celebrated a notable birthday. First introduced on February 15, 1985, the United States' ccTLD has now turned 37 years old.

The milestone for .US comes in a week where a $99,999 .US domain sale was announced. GoDaddy's Afternic facilitated the deal. If reported to NameBio, it will be listed as the database's largest .US sale ever.

Topic by: @AmericanDomainNames

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Some of my first domain sales were with btc last year, in some cases, I prefer it.
I would be open for receiving payment for domains in crypto currency if going through a secure escrow service.