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Top Topics: I Sold This Domain for $55,025; Have I Been Scammed? Yes...

By James Iles, Dec 6, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor announced their latest blockbuster sale, a $55,025 payday from a three-year-old hand registration. Elsewhere, a domainer shares their story of being a victim of a domain scam, and do you leave your WHOIS data public?

    Elsewhere, investors pay tribute to Domaining Europe's founder Dietmar Stefitz after he passed away this week, and where do you get your hand-registration ideas from?

    I Sold This .COM Domain for $55,025

    In September 2017, this domain investor registered the name For those wondering, “REIT” stands for “Real Estate Investment Trust.” Following negotiations after an inbound inquiry, the domainer revealed that he managed to sell the name for $55,025.

    The sale of is now the largest publicly-disclosed REIT domain sale to date, beating the previous incumbent by a significant margin. The $55,025 price represents around a $55,000 return on investment for the name in three years.

    Topic by:

    Have I Been Scammed? Yes

    After taking advantage of the recently discounted .CO registration prices for Black Friday, this investor received an inquiry for one of those .CO names. Upon agreeing on a sales price, the investor made the mistake of allowing the buyer to suggest an unknown Bitcoin escrow service to facilitate the transaction.

    Ultimately, the domainer didn’t lose any money, but they did lose their domain name. This discussion serves as a useful reminder that sometimes, domain buyers may not be what they claim to be.

    Topic by: @David Bayode

    Do You Leave Your WHOIS Public?

    WHOIS has been an effective way for some domain owners to receive unsolicited inbound offers that have certainly paid off. However, this has become less prevalent with GDPR and CCPA restrictions hitting WHOIS data.

    A downside to allowing your WHOIS information to be publicly displayed is the virtual mountain of emails, messages, and calls that some domain owners experience due to publicly listing WHOIS information.

    If you still have the option to list your WHOIS data publicly, do you? That’s the question being asked here. Do potential benefits outweigh the negatives, or should you always hide or obscure WHOIS information?

    Topic by: @gericsb

    Passing Away of Dietmar Stefitz

    This past week, the domain name industry lost one of the leaders who brought many of us together. Dietmar Stefitz was the founder of the popular Domaining Europe event, which ultimately became the NamesCon Europe event.

    This discussion serves as a tribute to Dietmar, with many industry participants, colleagues, and peers coming together to recognize Dietmar.

    Topic by: @centreurope

    Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

    How many domain investors regularly hand register domain names as part of their investment strategy? My guess would be a sizable portion of the domain industry. Some make a significant return on hand registered names, such as, featured above.

    The simple part is registering a domain. The difficult part is finding names to register. Here, an investor asks for tips on where hand registration ideas come from.

    Topic by: @ThatNameGuy

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    Thanks again @James Iles for your posts, and this one alerted me to a thread I've missed which is really important and timely for me right now.

    Now I've got some reading to do so take care :)
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    That's another interesting weekly roundup. Thanks @James Iles (y)
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    Missing your monthly sales report
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