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Top Topics: I Sold For $7,250; Should I Register a Trademark?...

By James Iles, Jun 17, 2018
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    In this week's edition of Top Topics, the owner of a premium one-word domain asks the community how to go about selling their valuable name. Elsewhere, a domain investor announces the sale of a two-word .TV domain name, and some advice about domain trademarks is shared. There is also a poll in which investors can vote on how their 2018 is going so far.

    I Sold for $7,250

    In previous editions of Top Topics, we have covered many .TV sales, from for $16,500 to the domain name. This week, we bring you news of another .TV sale. This time, it's a two-word domain name,

    The domain was registered in March 2018 but has already been sold for $7,250. Based on the domain's current status, the buyer may have been, a Bitcoin gambling and casino provider.

    Topic by: @Ammudamus

    Poll: Are You Satisfied With Your Sales?

    After six months of trading in 2018, this domain investor was very unsatisfied with their own performance, revealing that a change in strategy was needed. The discussion includes a poll to allow other investors to vote on their own performance so far this year.

    Alongside the poll, other domainers have offered advice on how to improve going forward to hopefully result in a greater profit.

    Topic by: @Isac


    Should I Register a Trademark?

    If you are planning on keeping a domain name long term with no interest in selling, should you register a trademark for the domain name? That is the question that is being asked here.

    To add a little more context, the investor is going to use the domain in conjunction with development, which may make a trademark more desirable. However, as other domainers have pointed out, it may affect the ability to sell the domain in future. What would you do?

    Topic by: @AchillesX

    How Do I Sell My Premium Domain Name?

    Aside from domain investors, many owners of individual premium domains use NamePros as a resource for finding out the true value of their domains. These owners have usually held these individual domain names for many years and have never thought about selling before.

    In this discussion, the owner of is seeking advice on how to go about selling their premium domain name. Many veteran investors have weighed in giving solid guidance on how to get the best value out of the domain name.

    Topic by: @rfg

    Advice For Responding to An End User

    This unique situation has prompted this investor to ask the community for advice, and as usual, many domainers have given valuable guidance. The full story is a little too complicated to adequately condense into a couple of sentences, but the situation involves a potential offer from an end user who is unable to make a higher offer for three months and an Afternic broker who has presented an offer on the domain name.

    Topic by: @thevictor

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