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Top Topics: I Sold for $7,500; A Domain Investing Guide...

By James Iles, May 25, 2019
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    This week's Top Topics comes to you from Dublin, Ireland! From a domaining point of view, Ireland is heavily invested in their .IE extension. The large majority, probably close to 85%, of billboards and local advertisements I've seen, have contained a .IE domain name. In comparison to my experience in the UK (with .CO.UK), I would say that .IE is far more popular for local and national brands.

    This is anecdotal evidence, of course, but it shows the variation of usage of ccTLD's between different countries. Here are this week's Top Topics.

    I Sold for $7,500

    Drone domain names have been a worthwhile investment for some domainers, with names such as selling for $15,000 a couple of years ago. even changed hands last year.

    This week, an investor shared their recent sale of the domain for $7,500. After registering the domain in 2016, this investor waited and eventually received an inbound offer via his Efty landing page, with an inquiry from a broker. After some back and forth, the deal closed at $7,500. Congratulations!

    Topic by: @Avtar629

    A Domain Investing Guide

    For all new domain investors, or more experienced investors that need a refresh, this guide is worth bookmarking. Veteran investor @Dave has put together a considerable resource regarding the basics of domain investing.

    With detailed information about various domain trends including their advantages and disadvantages, this guide should help many newer investors.

    Topic by: @Dave

    I Checked Every Four-letter Domain

    There are a total of 456,976 four-letter .COM domain names in existence. Some of these names, like, have the power to sell for millions of dollars whilst others have low wholesale value. In 2015, four-letter .COM names were incredibly popular, with portfolios trading hands for over $2,500 per name at one point.

    This domain investor revealed that they have checked every single four-letter .COM domain to see if there were any available for registration. Unfortunately for the domainer, every single one of the almost half a million combinations has already been registered!

    Topic by: @Omar Ashraf

    If Domainers Could Have One More Thing...

    If you could have one more service, resource or tool to make your domain investing tasks easier, what would it be? This hypothetical question was posed by @Bob Hawkes, and it has received some interesting answers that have sparked debate.

    Some responses include lower price caps on registrations, a tokenized domain fund and a reform of the UDRP process. What would you say?

    Topic by: @Bob Hawkes

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  6. FolioTeam

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    Excellent round up as usual. thanks for sharing
  7. Dave

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    Thanks for the shout out. I was in hospital last week and I started writing that guide from my hospital bed. Couldn't think of a better way to kill the time.
  8. Skyvisum

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    Hope you are back to full strength?.That was a good write up.
  9. The Durfer

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  10. Dave

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    Yes I am doing better thanks.
  11. Bob Hawkes

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    That is true devotion to the NP community! Thanks again for amazing post based on a wealth of long term personal experience. Hope your recovery is going well.
    Take care,
  12. xcloud123

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  13. Peter Karpouzas

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    Thanks for sharing. Good eye opener. I'm going to get on the four letter domain thing now...Wish me luck.....Lots of it...HAHAHA
  14. GenericDomainz

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    Hello, for sorry, but I, personally, very doubt in Paladin drones. Why Drones must be a Paladin?
    I doubt.
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