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Top Topics: I Sold My First Domain for Bitcoin; How to Find Potential Buyers...

By James Iles, Nov 3, 2017
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    In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor shares details of their first ever domain sale for Bitcoin and a domainer asks for advice on a possible domain sale that may be in doubt. Elsewhere, there's an informative guide for newer investors on how to find potential buyers for your domain names and a one-word .TV domain sale is revealed.

    How Would You Respond?

    After sending several outbound emails, this domain investor had little luck until receiving a response from a company’s Vice President. The email asked this domainer to discontinue his emails unless they accepted a certain offer.

    The investor accepted the offer, gave two payment options and then received an email from the end user that simply said: “Let me think about it.”

    How would you respond? Will the end user come back offering a lower price, or will the deal be closed? Have a look at the discussion to find out more.

    Topic by: @joinwhatever

    Finding Potential Buyers

    Domain investor @Haris shared some excellent advice for newer investors this week. If you are looking to find potential buyers for your domain names and you’re not sure where to start, this article along with many NamePros blog posts are invaluable to helping you learn.

    In the article, this domainer shares some advice on how to find potential buyers along with a couple of worthwhile tools to use along the way. If you’re a new domainer, this is a discussion that you should bookmark for future reference.

    Topic by: @Haris

    I Sold

    Domainer @donnied79 is no stranger to high value .TV sales. One of his most well-known sales was in December 2015, when he revealed that he sold for $125,000.

    This week, @donnied79 disclosed his sale of, one of his most prized domain names. According to the discussion, the name was sold for a “fair” price, but the exact amount cannot be disclosed.

    Since acquiring the domain in 2010, this investor revealed that he has received around one hundred offers for the name.

    Topic by: @donnied79

    Read This Before You Contemplate Quitting!

    It's been well documented in the past by many investors that domaining isn't an easy profession to excel in. There are plenty of ex-investors who took the decision to quit the industry, but should you? If you are considering leaving domain investing behind, this may inspire you to reconsider.

    Domainer @Arpit131 has shared his story of starting out as an unsuccessful investor before a combination of resilience, consistency and a willingness to learn allowed him to develop a portfolio of domains that produce regular sales.

    Topic by: @Arpit131

    I Just Sold My First Domain Name for Bitcoin

    Cryptocurrency Bitcoin has made global headlines this year thanks to huge gains that have seen the cryptocurrency move from around $700 in November 2016 to over $7,300 as of writing. With that in mind, many domainers have chosen to perform transactions in Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

    Just this week, we wrote about the news that Andrew Rosener bought in a Bitcoin deal. Another domainer shared the news of their first ever domain sale in exchange for Bitcoin this week. Have you made your first Bitcoin domain sale yet?

    Topic by: @Kuffy

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