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James Iles

Top Topics: I Sold for $8,000; The August Domain Industry Report...

By James Iles, Sep 20, 2020
  1. In this week’s Top Topics, we profile a hand registered domain that was reportedly sold for $8,000, Dofo releases their domain industry report for August, and an AMA chat uncovers a six-figure domain sale. Elsewhere, there are some further details disclosed about the record-setting $30 million sale.

    I Sold for $8,000

    After registering this two-word .COM back in 2016, a domain investor has revealed that they have now completed the sale of for $8,000. According to the discussion, that equates to a 26,000% return on investment.

    Along with the details of the domain sale as well as the offers that preceded the final $8,000 accepted offer, the seller disclosed the buyer’s identity along with some comparable sales data that may have influenced their asking price.

    Topic by:

    The Domain Industry Report for August

    Domain research destination Dofo has been using its vast data compilations to offer in depth reports each month. Recently, Dofo’s CEO Macit Tuna released the company’s August domain industry report.

    The report contains details of the top ten keywords used in domain registrations in August, as well as statistics regarding the top domain sales, and expiry data.

    Topic by: @Macit

    AMA Reveals Six-Figure Sale

    Periodically, notable domain investors create an AMA (ask me anything) discussions allowing domainers to ask anything regarding domaining. This week, created an AMA discussion, and one of the first questions asked was “What’s your biggest sale?”

    Answering succinctly, disclosed that they sold the domain for around $500,000 with help from “M.O”, which is likely to stand for Media Options, the powerhouse domain brokerage. Now, is being used to run a global digital coin exchange.

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    The Initial Offer for Was $150,000

    The largest publicly disclosed domain sale of all time is, surpassing the previous incumbents by attaining a sales price of $30 million. Since the transaction, we’ve had a small drip-feed of information regarding the sale. Firstly, we discovered the buyer’s identity, then the price, then the fact that GoDaddy was instrumental in closing the deal.

    Now, we have information from MicroStrategy, the company that sold the domain. More specifically, MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael J Saylor revealed that the initial offer for was $150,000, and he would not get on the phone with the buyer until the offer had reached a dizzying $22 million.

    Topic by: @equity78

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