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Top Topics: I Sold a .CO for $10,000; Corporate Insolvency - What Happens to the Domains?...

By James Iles, Nov 1, 2020
  1. In this week's Top Topics, an investor reveals the $10,000 sale of a .CO domain name that occurred thanks to outbound marketing and an experienced domainer is back for a third round of advice for new investors. Elsewhere, we explore what happens to domains owned by corporations when they face insolvency, and how long should you keep brandable domains?

    I Sold a .CO Domain for $10,000

    This week, an investor announced the $10,000 sale of a one-word .CO domain that currently ranks as the joint nineteenth largest .CO sale of 2020, according to NameBio. The name, a common English word, was acquired by this investor back in 2017 for $455.

    According to the discussion, the name was sold to the owner of the .COM equivalent via outbound marketing. In the discussion, the investor discloses some details regarding the outbound process and how they were able to sell the name for $10,000.

    Topic by: @Nomad91

    Advice for New Investors, Part 3

    In the last couple of months, we’ve featured part one and part two of an ongoing series detailing helpful hints for new investors. This series has been created by seasoned investor @johnn, based on his own experiences as a domainer.

    Part three features ten succinct pieces of advice, including tips on time management, establishing a trading record and staying away from domain parking services as a new investor.

    Topic by: @johnn

    Corporate Insolvency: What Happens to the Domains?

    This year has been a challenging period for many businesses, large and small. In August, the Financial Times revealed at forty-five US companies with assets of more than $1 billion have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Many top firms own valuable domain name portfolios, so what exactly happens to the domain names when a company faces insolvency? Do you have any answers based on real-world data?

    Topic by: @NickB

    Black Friday is Coming. Which Domain Deals Are You Looking For?

    With today being the beginning of November, we’re certainly not far from the consumer madness that is Black Friday. In previous years, domain name registrars and service providers have created Black Friday deals that have been popular among investors.

    This year, what kind of domain-related deals are you looking for? Transfer offers for .COM domains seem to be one of the most requested so far.

    Topic by: @luantt

    How Long Should You Keep a Brandable Domain?

    For some domain name investors, brandable domains can be very lucrative. The popularity of brandable names among investors has helped create marketplaces such as BrandBucket, BrandPa, and SquadHelp, which cater to brandable names.

    It's been said before that brandable domain sales are a numbers game. In other words, a larger portfolio will create a small number of sales. However, a larger portfolio creates larger holding costs. In this discussion, an investor is wondering how long brandable investors should consider holding specific brandable names before allowing them to expire, given the accumulatively large holding costs of brandable names.

    Topic by: @Haroon Basha

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