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By James Iles, Jul 12, 2019
  1. Last week, we shared the news that the domain name had sold for an undisclosed six-figure fee. I noticed in this week's DNJournal sales chart that the domain's sales price has been revealed at $300,000 with Mark Thomas of VIP Brokerage responsible for the deal. This means that is the third-largest three-letter .COM sale from the past twelve months.

    Here are this week's Top Topics.

    What's Your Biggest Challenge in Domain Investing?

    Page Howe, a veteran investor who has sold domains such as and for over $1 million each, is considering writing some new blog posts but wants to hear your insights and experiences first. Specifically, Page wants to know your biggest gripes, challenges or pain points of the domain name industry.

    Some of the subjects suggested by investors have created some interesting talking points.

    Topic by: @Page Howe How a Domain Created Credibility

    A domainer has shared an interview that Shopify, the e-commerce software giant, has conducted. The interview is with Andrew Lissimore of, a $5 million per year business that has been built on a premium domain name.

    The interview discusses the business and the reasons why the company needed to acquire the premium .COM domain. One of my favorite lines from the interview is "we worked so hard to get the domain [...] because we needed to buy some credibility".

    Topic by: @onni

    Poll: What's The Most You'd Pay for a Domain in the Aftermarket?

    The aftermarket, which includes marketplaces and auction platforms, can be an excellent source of domain name acquisitions with numerous success stories profiled across domain blogs in the past. There are some opportunities at all price points.

    This week's featured poll asks what price you'd be willing to pay for a domain in the aftermarket, as an investment. The poll has options from zero up to the six-figure range.

    Topic by: @equity78

    My $8,500 Sale Made Me Think

    After closing an $8,500 .TV domain sale, this investor started to think about the typical strategy that many new investors use. That strategy is to hand-register domain names.

    With the acquisition cost of $300 a year ago, and a sales price of $8,500, this investor wonders why more new domainers don't take the time to acquire one domain name for $300 rather than thirty domains for $10 each. What do you think?

    Topic by: @donnied79

    I Sold Two Domains for $18,000

    An investor has announced the news that they sold two domain names in one deal for $18,000 this week. After receiving a $1,250 offer for a .TV domain name, the domainer managed to not only increase the offer for that domain, but also sell the interested party the equivalent .CO domain name. This equates to $9,000 for each name.

    According to WHOIS, the deal has been completed but the names are yet to be put into use. Further details, including the exact domains sold, are available in the discussion.

    Topic by: @Keith

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