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In this week's Top Topics, a domain investor reveals that they sold 133 domain names at Clubhouse in March. Elsewhere, we discuss the fixed price domain marketplace strategy and Sedo's Dave Evanson announces the $2 million sale of

Also, a two-word .COM domain sale is announced and a reported five-figure typo domain sale leads to a minor redesign for a domain marketplace.

I Sold 133 Domains at Clubhouse Last Month

Founded around a year ago, Clubhouse is an audio-based social network that quickly grew into a phenomenon, especially within the business community. Unsurprisingly then, domain name groups started to pop up.

More recently, domain name sales and auctions have become popular at Clubhouse. Here, @Robbie shares the fact that he sold 133 domain names at Clubhouse in March. These were wholesale, domainer to domainer deals, but it seems Clubhouse could be a useful option for liquidating domain names.

Topic by: @Robbie

What’s Your Fixed Price Strategy?

Most of the leading domain name marketplaces allow you to offer domains for sale using either a “make offer” option or a “buy now” option. Some domain investors lean towards the “make offer” option exclusively, while others favor “buy now.”

This domain investor switched from exclusively using “make offer” to “buy now” in January, and has been successful with the “buy now” option since then. Do you favor a fixed price strategy?

Topic by: @twiki

Dave Evanson Sells for $2 Million

Sedo's senior broker @Dave Evanson has a history of closing high value deals for clients of the domain marketplace. His recent sales include, for $220,000, and for $450,000.

We learn in this discussion that Evanson sold a $2 million domain in the past week. That domain name was and it was acquired by Angel Studios, a crowdfunding platform for movie and TV. What do you think of the $2 million sales price?

Topic by: @James Iles

I Sold a 2 Word .COM for $10,000

A domain investor has shared the story of a recent $10,000 sale. The domain, mentioned in this discussion, is a two-word e-commerce .COM domain, sold thanks to a GoDaddy broker that approached this investor on behalf of a client.

The investor rejected an initial $500 offer, mentioning that the domain was part of a wider portfolio with a business plan in mind. Over a month later, the GoDaddy broker came back with an acceptable $10,000 offer.

Topic by: @ixex

Did Sell for $20,156?

It’s often easy to miss a typo in a domain name, so when was reported as sold for $20,156 at an expiry auction, you may have considered it to be a steal for a one-word .COM domain. However, the name on sale was the typo rather than

The apparent sale, which hasn’t been independently verified, has brought up a wider debate on domain name auction platform design, and whether domains listed for sale should be displayed in both upper and lower case. As a result of this discussion, one marketplace has made a design change.

Topic by: @Lox

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