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Top Topics: I Lost Five-Figures to Fraud; I Can’t Sell a Single Domain...

By James Iles, Oct 6, 2019
  1. This week, we have an extended version of Top Topics! Due to a vacation and no connectivity, I am publishing Top Topics covering both this week and last week’s pick of nine discussions, polls and questions from the community. There are some fascinating discussions covering a multitude of domaining subjects that you may find interesting.

    Are You Still Buying Domains?

    Despite being a member of the community, you may not be buying domain names at the moment. I, for example, am somewhat sitting on the sidelines waiting for the best opportunities I can find.

    In this discussion, an investor is asking the community whether they are currently buying domain names. It’s a simple question, but it looks to be getting a significant response with many investors seemingly switching from quantity to quality.

    Topic by: @DefinitelyDomains

    What To Do After Buying a Domain

    The creation of this discussion was prompted by a May 2019 tweet from investor @Rick Schwartz, in which Rick explains his recommended process for what to do immediately after acquiring a domain name.

    According to the discussion, Rick recommended setting up a PPC (pay per click) landing page, and leaving it for a couple of weeks to gauge the traffic levels.

    Do you do this every time you buy a new domain name?

    Topic by: @Windoms

    I Lost Five Figures to Fraud

    Last week, an investor revealed that they were the victim of not one but two fraudulent domain deals. All of the details are available in the discussion, but the main point is that the investor lost a high five-figure amount by acquiring two names that were subsequently removed from their registrar account due to a US Court order.

    Here, the investor is looking for advice on the next steps to take and also what this could mean for future domain acquisitions.

    Topic by:

    An Estibot Feature that Registrars Need to Implement

    Estibot, the popular automated domain appraisal website, has a number of innovative features and data points that make it a helpful reference for some investors. One of the site’s features has attracted some attention in this discussion.

    The feature is a “trademark risk” warning that tells the user whether a domain they are appraising is at risk of infringing a trademark. It is widely agreed that registrars should implement something similar to this on domain registration search pages.

    Topic by: @MapleDots

    How Do You Respond to “How Much?”

    If you are performing outbound marketing on one of your domain names, it’s likely that sooner or later an interested party is going to ask you one simple question: “How Much?”

    Your response to this question could make or break a potential deal, so how do you reply?

    Here, domainers are giving their opinions on how you should answer this question, and what you should be considering before even performing an outbound marketing that will lead to this question.

    Topic by: @thevictor

    I Can’t Sell a Single Domain

    For some newer investors, the lure of getting rich quickly can draw them to domain names after reading about profitable flips, or six and seven-figure sales. However, the reality is that domaining is a time intensive exercise that, for many, has a low return on investment.

    In this discussion, a domainer has revealed that they have failed to sell their single domain name for a profit, and they are seeking advice on what to do next. Fortunately, the community is full of more experienced investors who are willing to give some realistic advice that may be helpful to other newer investors.

    Topic by:

    What Are the Must Have Features for DNProtect?

    A new service from Epik’s CEO, @Rob Monster, is focused on protecting end users from buying domain names that have been “damaged” by a whole host of activities from negative SEO to UDRP complaints.

    In this discussion, domainers are debating the product and the potential for an insurance service for domain investors, as well as end users.

    Topic by: @equity78

    How to Handle an Inquiry That’s Going Cold?

    Inbound inquiries are a regular occurrence for most domain investors. It can be an exciting prospect to negotiate with someone who has a serious interest in acquiring your domain name, but often the lead goes cold, meaning that the potential buyer either can’t match your asking price, or they simply lose interest in pursuing the name.

    Here, an investor has experienced a potential buyer that has made an offer, but has since gone quiet. Should the investor in question look to follow up with the potential buyer, or will a contact attempt be detrimental?

    Topic by: @Ryan217

    Do You Use BrandBucket for Appraisals?

    Domain marketplace BrandBucket is a popular destination for domain investors looking to sell domain names that are classed as “brandable”. The marketplace is highly selective, and will only accept domain names that it thinks are likely to sell on the platform.

    If your name is accepted for the platform, you’re given a recommended listing price.

    Since BrandBucket has over a decade’s worth of experience with brandable domains, and they know what a domain name can sell for, do you use BrandBucket’s recommended sales price as an appraisal of your name?

    Topic by: @hookbox

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