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Top Topics: I Just Sold a Domain for $1,000; Are Brandable Domains Worth It?...

By James Iles, Feb 24, 2017
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    In this week's edition of Top Topics, we ask what happens to your domain names after you pass away, and we take a look at whether brandable domain names are worth investing in at the moment. Elsewhere, a domain investor reports their latest four figure domain sale and a domainer asks for advice on outbound domain sales.

    What Happens to Your Domains When You Die?

    No matter how valuable your domains are, they cannot be taken with you when you pass away, so what do you do with them? Will they just expire or will family members take control of them? It's something that has to be considered.

    This discussion is full of helpful advice regarding this subject and the various options that may be plausible. If you own valuable domain names, it may be worth your while to read this discussion.

    Topic by: @KingslayerVR

    I Just Sold a Domain for $1,000!

    After purchasing the domain name just a few months ago for $20, domain investor @jamaltq has shared the news that the domain name has sold via a GoDaddy listing for $1,000.

    If that wasn't enough, the same investor then published details of two more domain sales for a total of $900! Publishing details of domain sales can be both interesting and motivational for the community as a whole.

    Topic by: @jamaltq

    Brandable Domains: Are They Worth the Investment?

    NamePros administrator @Eric Lyon has published a fascinating four-part series on brandable domain names, and whether they are worth investing in. Brandable domains have been a hot topic for the past couple of years, with marketplaces like BrandBucket producing plentiful sales.

    Are they worth the investment in 2017? Eric's four-part series may provide you with helpful analysis to aid in your investment decisions.

    Topic by: @Eric Lyon

    What's Your Best .IO Domain?

    In the past, .IO domains have been popular amongst the startup community for relatively inexpensive alternatives to popular .COM's. In a recent edition of our Domain Data series, we showed that .IO was the third most popular domain extension for startups funded by 500 Startups.

    In this discussion, investors are showcasing their own .IO domain names. My personal favourite domain from this discussion is a two-letter .IO domain with multiple uses.

    Topic by: @GoodFortunes

    Should I Use a Professional Email Address?

    Outbound marketing is a practice used by many domain investors to proactively sell their domain names. Conducting successful outbound marketing is a skill, and there's a lot to consider. For example, what type of email address should you be using?

    Will sending emails from a personal Gmail or Yahoo! email account be considered as unprofessional? In this discussion, an investor is asking for opinions on whether a professional or custom email address should be used for outbound sales.

    Topic by: @Richard Barlotti

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